Latest LEGO Ideas Review Results

LEGO have just revealed the results of the latest LEGO Ideas review and there is one new set definitely coming, and a second still possible.

Passing the review is Women of NASA, a result that isn’t completely unexpected considering the success of the female scientists Ideas set.


With 12 vastly different projects in this review it was always going to be tough to try and predict what would pass and become a set.

Review results second 2016

Surprisingly the Voltron set is still under consideration from LEGO – I know some people were really hoping to see that in shelves so fingers crossed.

You can check out the results video below.

5 thoughts on “Latest LEGO Ideas Review Results

  1. Xavier Reply

    Would have been more interesting to add a few minifig to observatory and released that. Based on the previous women scientific set this was always going to be released.
    Voltron could be interesting though but would be licensing involved there.

  2. Mark Reply

    With Lego’s history of space exploration themes, and their efforts to promote strong positive female role models, approval of this set was a given. As a father of two young daughters who tries to feed their natural curiosity and ability to think critically, I give this set a big thumbs up!

  3. karrakazul Reply

    A boring minifigure pack, let’s hope Voltron gets through so there’s a set with something fun to actually build.

  4. Michael Reply

    Looks a bit like the Research Institute. More like a minifig pack really. If it’s 40 bucks that’d be great

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