Crowdfunding Update

As I’m sure everybody realised, my post yesterday was a bit of fun to celebrate April Fool’s Day.

I don’t employee the services of international ghost-writers, and I trawl through the catalogues and websites myself to look for sales; that isn’t outsourced to a dodgy agency in some random country.

What you may not have realised is that the crowd-funding campaign I set up is technically a real campaign. Some of the rewards might be a bit of a joke but if you have ever wanted to donate to the site you can do so via that campaign. Any donation would be graciously accepted and go back towards making the site the best that it can be. I’ll honour every reward tier.

The goals I mentioned in the campaign are real goals that I have for this site – more reviews including innovative features, video reviews, more giveaways. I hope to achieve those goals independently, but any donations would certainly help make those possible sooner.

You can view the crowdfunding campaign here.

My original April Fool’s idea was a fake press release claiming LEGO was going to end sticker use by 2020, but that just seemed cruel. I hate stickers.

1 thought on “Crowdfunding Update

  1. Kathy strumpel Reply

    There is a love for all things Lego for our grandson who lives with us full time he is 6. I always check your site for sales and tips about sourcing Lego.. keep up the great work..

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