Triple VIP Point Offer On Now

Well this is unexpected! Out of the blue LEGO have just announced a Triple VIP Point offer on their online store.

I am sure this is going to be enough to get a lot of people over the line on those exclusives that are only available online.

The triple VIP offer runs from today (April 7th) until April 23rd.

There is also 10% off a range of older sets.

Don’t forget that the mini Beetle offer is also on.

Head on over to to place your order. Don’t forget to make sure you are signed in to your VIP account.

To illustrate how great this offer is, here are all the people that let me know about it: Chris, Ali, Andrew, Jason and David. Thanks to you all.

4 thoughts on “Triple VIP Point Offer On Now

  1. Owen Reply

    Another one for Lego buyers anonymous eh Tom.
    We’d have to meet somewhere with no toy stores or internet access!
    — It has been 5 minutes since I last bought Lego!
    Yep this deal made the Silent Mary decision for me!
    Happy shopping everyone!

  2. marsha Reply

    Yes, I also bought the silent Mary. The offer was a real shock for me, given that Lego usually ignores us. Hope this is a harbinger of things to come.

  3. Chris L Reply

    Unfortunately i ordered the complete series of Brickheads as soon as the mini VW became available and missed out on triple points. On the plus side this made me finally get The Disney Castle ???? and I get a 2nd mini VW ????. Now to find a lego addicts anonymous in my area…

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