LEGOLAND Discovery Centre Melbourne’s Retail Store Is Now Open

While the official opening of the LEGOLAND Discovery Centre Melbourne isn’t until April 18th, Melbourne AFOL Chris discovered today that the retail store (the bit for big kids) is now open for trade.

Chris was awesome enough to send through a heap of images and some important information about the store. I’m not able to travel down for the opening but thanks to Chris’ work I almost feel like I was there.

First up, the bit that everybody wants to start with – Pick-a-brick. Pricing for the Pick-a-brick wall is the same as the Dreamworld store – $14.99 for a small cup and $29.99 for a large cup. The two images below should give you a good idea of the parts selection (click for larger versions).

LEGOLAND Discovery Melbourne Retail Store (32) LEGOLAND Discovery Melbourne Retail Store (33)

The lineup seems fairly similar to what is on offer at the Dreamworld store.

Read on for more details and a huge gallery of pictures from the store.

What you will find at Chadstone and nowhere else in Australia is a range of LEGOLAND branded items, such as a LEGOLAND Minifigure and the LEGOLAND train set.

LEGOLAND Discovery Melbourne Retail Store (34) LEGOLAND Discovery Melbourne Retail Store (10)

The store will also be doing brick engraving. I wasn’t able to get details on what exactly is on offer in terms of available elements that can be engraved but Chris said that pricing was $3 for one side or $5 for double sided. Those prices are very affordable.

LEGOLAND Discovery Melbourne Retail Store (50)

Anybody on the lookout for exclusives are in luck – sets like the Assembly Square were in stock, as was a large range of BrickHeadz sets.

LEGOLAND Discovery Melbourne Retail Store (3)

 While LEGOLAND Discovery Centre itself is aimed at children. The retail store looks like it is going to be a huge hit with AFOLs. Annual pass holders also get 10% off their purchases.

As for the regular questions that come up – no VIP points, and the same offers as online are not available.

Image Gallery

Thanks again to Chris for sending through all of these pictures and information.

13 thoughts on “LEGOLAND Discovery Centre Melbourne’s Retail Store Is Now Open

  1. Mark Reply

    Cool! Is that an official Batman movie collectible minifig display frame I see in one of those photos? I’ve never seen that before. That would be awesome.

  2. Peter Reply

    Just dont try and discover anything if you are an adult. A friend of mine with a decent collection was denied entry because he had no kids

    • Michael Post authorReply

      The store is open to the public. The actual attraction is essential a children’s play centre. It’s not designed for adults. They will be holding regular AFOL events though for people that don’t have kids and want to check it out.

    • blockstoabrickfight Reply

      Yes, this is a Lego Discovery Centre worldwide policy. I know that the Centre in Tokyo holds AFOL nights every first and third Wednesday of the month. Apparently those of us without children are all predators so cannot be allowed in without renting a child for the day.

  3. Sergio Reply

    What a bloody joke. It’s a discrimination against adults with no kids. Maybe I will setup a stand outside the Lego Discover Centre with a sign says: ”Wanted, kids needed for entering the Lego Discover Centre, will pay top dollar for him/her.”

    • Michael Post authorReply

      I’m not sure that sign would go down well. The centre is an attraction for kids, and I don’t think it’s really of that much interest to adults anyway. The AFOL nights will be for any adult that wants to check it out.

  4. Matt Reply

    I think at the very least the social media guys working for the centre need a little bit of guidance. They started off handling the confusion with adult entry with ambivalence and it seems have now created quite the backlash over the recent creative crew competition reveals. Disappointing on the whole as there should be far more transparency and honesty with such a young target demographic and from what I gather the idea of the whole thing has tempered the excitement of a lot of young lego fans.

    • Michael Post authorReply

      What was the issue with the creative crew competition reveal?

      • Matt Reply

        You can find a lot of far more angry parents than myself over on their Facebook page (and many other Facebook pages) but essentially the competition itself seemed fine (kids 6-12 submit videos showing a model and explaining why they would love to join) but the problem came with the eventual announcement of the winners.

        They posted updates in March/early April that the winners would be announced on the 11th April, instead on that date they posted a picture of the winners who had already been to visit the centre (and of course chosen much earlier). The issue being a huge number of anxious and hopeful kids/parents were left red faced on Tue morning when they realised they had been counting down the days and crossing their fingers for nothing. Muddying the waters a little further half a dozen kids had apparently popped up in the local papers, some prior to the start of the competition, others during or after it finished, to promote the event/centre and were all carefully described as participants only, careful to give the impression of no preferential selection. Of course the final 12 featured all of the publicity kids.

        As a parent we know things like this are all about promoting a business, but involving such a young demographic requires a bit more clarity I feel and as I said, many others have far stronger feelings. Nobody is giving me the impression their children are sad to have missed out, only that they feel a little misled, or in some cases, ‘used’ by the selection process. Perhaps the most disappointing aspect has been the complete radio silence from the centre, whom it seems have not responded to any of the numerous private and public messages on the matter. In my experience issues like this can be easily diffused with communication.

        Congratulations to all the winners though, I sincerely hope they don’t have their excitement affected by any of the extraneous commentary out there.

        P.S. since I’m writing to you Michael and you do such a tremendous job of keeping us all informed of any Lego related fun out there, please post something about the Lego exhibition currently running at the Melbourne museum. If you have and I missed it, my apologies, but we’re regular visitors there and were shocked to not have known about it until stumbling across it (not literally, they glue some of that stuff down)

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