Australian Price For 10257 Carousel Revealed

Overnight LEGO updated their Australian store with a page for the just announced 10257 Carousel.

The Australian RRP is confirmed to be $299.99.

10257 Carousel AU Price

Let me know what you think of the price.

4 thoughts on “Australian Price For 10257 Carousel Revealed

  1. anthony Christian Reply

    My wallet would like it to be $40 cheaper.

    I like the look of this set, and will wait until it makes its way to a B&M retail store.

  2. JJ Reply

    not that much more expensive than the ferris wheel, DJ’s had the exclusive on the ferris wheel, and from time to time you could get that 20% off, so hopefully a premium retailer like DJ’s or Myer get this one in so I can get it cheaper on a sale!

  3. Kcy Reply

    I think it’s expensive. I think the Grand Carousel with power functions was $249.99 when it was released.

  4. Belinda Reply

    I wish they would stop making sets I want to buy. I just got the assembly square and now this $300 one….will have to be later half of this year.

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