Australian Price For 21309 NASA Apollo Saturn V

I know that there are a heap of people excited for this set, so the news of the Australian Price is highly anticipated. Well LEGO have finally added a product page for the NASA Apollo Saturn V and revealed the local RRP of $169.99.

NASA Apollo Saturn V

The price actually seems really fair. Let me know what you think in the comments.

You’ll be able to get your set from LEGO online on June 1st. Hopefully a retail release isn’t too long after that.


5 thoughts on “Australian Price For 21309 NASA Apollo Saturn V

  1. serghe Reply

    I am pretty happy with the price, but a prcie around $150 will be even better. I will buy it before Christmas, so I can get the Christmas theme sets. PS: has anyone seen the new season of speed champions sets in the retailers?

  2. Mark Reply

    Seriously “fair price”. Considering the pricing that the Asia-Pacific region has been experiencing for Lego the past little while, this set is amazing. This set comes with 1969 pieces (a nice tribute to the year of the original moon landing), so this set is well under the 10cents per piece mark that most Lego collectors in the area desire. I can see this being a very popular set indeed.

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