RC Tracked Racer Challenge

Over the last two weeks I’ve had a chance to do something that I don’t often get to do – I took a completed set and actually played with it. The RC Tracked Racer is my first Technic set and it just happens to be a set with power functions, meaning that there is lots to do with it once the build is finished.

To see how the Tracked Racer performed as an RC toy I put it through a series of challenges. Note that these tests were performed on a closed circuit at busy office building and nearby park by a professional stunt driver a LEGO fan. In all seriousness though, some of these tests might damage your set, so I don’t particularly recommend them.

Watch the video and then read on below for more details

Challenge 1: General Performance on Carpet

The set drives really well on carpet. It’s probably one of the surfaces that most people will drive on and it’s a heap of fun to zip around.

Challenge 2: General Performance on Tiles

I actually enjoyed driving on a smoother surface more. The tracks slip just a little bit, making turns a little smoother.

Challenge 3: General Performance on Grass

The grass that I tested this on was fairly thick and had a bit of loose grass. The loose stuff did get caught in the tracks a little bit but the set still performed well. It’s certainly a lot slower on grass than indoor surfaces.

Challenge 4: Speed on Carpet

I tested the set out over 2 metres on carpet. Total time was ~ 5 seconds to travel the distance. Unfortunately in my testing there was a slight pull to the left. I don’t think this greatly affected the overall speed.

Challenge 5: Speed on Tiles

The same 2 metre test as on carpet. Surprisingly there was no noticeable difference in speed on the smoother surface.

In both speed test the set took ~ 5 seconds to travel the 2 metre distance. That equals a speed of 1.44 KM/Hr.

Challenge 6: Driving on Rough Terrain

I took the Tracked Racer and found a garden filled with large river rocks. I was quite surprised by how well the set handled the terrain. The rocks sloped slightly downwards so it naturally veered towards the pavers but with some careful driving it managed to travel almost 3 metres over the rocks.

Challenge 7: Stairs

This one isn’t something that I would suggest trying with your own set. The first step wasn’t an issue, but the second drop caused the set to go a bit sideways. With the slightly angled direction the third step resulted in the set landing on it’s roof. I didn’t have the flag attached for this test.

Challenge 8: Steep Concrete

While out in the park getting some footage on grass I spotted this sloped concrete. Designed for skateboarders I thought it would provide a great spot for an uphill challenge. The set struggled with the steepness a bit, slipping back down before reaching the top. On the hard and relatively smooth surface there wasn’t enough traction to make it to the top. Power didn’t seem to be an issue, just grip.

Challenge 9: Minifigure Obstacle Course

To test out the maneuverability I placed the few minifigures I had on my desk around and attempted to carefully maneuver my way around them. Each track is linked to a separate motor, so it is hard to get smooth turns. I found I had to stop and make each turn. All of the minifigures escaped uscathed but unfortunately the farmer’s pig got clipped.

The RC Tracked Racer is an absolute blast to drive around. I had a heap of fun filming these various “tests”. The most fun was just driving around and in particular doing spins on the spot (which are super easy with the separately controlled tracks). If you are interested in this set I highly recommend it. If you shop around you should be able to pick it up for just under $100.

To learn more about the build itself, you can find my initial review here.

4 thoughts on “RC Tracked Racer Challenge

  1. Tom Reply

    Great video, it convinced me this set is more than worth the (Big W and Kmart’s) asking price. Shame it’s out of stock almost everywhere.

  2. Ali Reply

    I wonder if Wall-e could be transformed into something that works like this on it’s tracks

  3. Chill Reply

    Cheers for write up and video, it’s what convinced to pick up the set yesterday when I stumbled across it. Great build and a lot of fun for my first Technic set. I might need to check out other Technic sets on offer.

  4. Al Reply

    Great review. I love the RC Technic, as you pointed out it provides a play experience for kids and adults alike. This racer looks like it’s light and fast.
    Must buy for me after reading your review.

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