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Do you fancy yourself a LEGO artist? Well Brisbane Airport is looking for a new resident artist and this time they are after somebody with some LEGO Building Skills.

The position is a 12-month residency where you will create LEGO artworks to be displayed at the airport. It’s not a full time job, and the amount of time that you have to spend on-site at the airport is fairly flexible.

People with experience building large scale pieces will have an advantage, particularly as the role requires somebody with their own LEGO bricks or resources that you can use.

Applications for the position close on June 15th. You can find details on how to apply at

I’ve included some more information from the website below…

  1. Brisbane Airport Corporation (BAC) is seeking a brick artist who will be contracted to BAC for a 12 month period (July’17 to June’18)
  2. This is not a full-time position but rather an opportunity to receive a payment for something you love to do. Hours required on airport will be flexible
  3. The chosen brick artist will have to undergo police background checks
  4. You will need to bring your own LEGO® building bricks or have resources you can pull from
  5. Experienced brick builders will be preferred
  6. We want you to build amazing large-scale pieces to put in our terminals – a minimum of two
  7. A Driver’s License is strongly recommended
  8. Brisbane or Queensland-based preferred
  9. We would like you to be available for workshops with the public
  10. Our brick artist should also be available for the occasional coffee, planning sessions or even corporate appearances

If this sounds like you please email us your expression of interest to Make sure you include your great ideas and how you would run the program if you were selected.

Sample information you can include in your email:

  1. a. What theme would you focus on?
    1. Travel?
    2. Aviation?
    3. Other? (Keep in mind we are an airport!)
  2. b. What would you do if you were our brick artist?
    1. What cool structures would you put in our Terminal? How many?
    2. How could you engage with passengers?
    3. Tell us your awesome ideas!
    4. Please include pictures of work you have done in the past if possible

2 Responses to Brisbane Airport Looking For LEGO Artist

  1. Mark says:

    Hmm. The language of the advert seems suspiciously like they are trying to do it on the cheap. Phrases like “get some money for doing what you love”, “provide all your own bricks and resources”, “tell us how you would run the program, if selected”. And no mention of remuneration range. Even their advertising is being done for free by you, presumably.

    • Michael says:

      I’m not being paid to promote this, I had a few people tell me about it so I thought I would share it.

      The questions that you raised are the same ones I have, and I have sent them through to the people responsible to try and gather a bit more information.

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