Where To Buy The LEGO Batman Movie

The LEGO Batman Movie is officially out on home media from tomorrow. There are various different formats on offer and some retailers also offering bonuses. In the end there are a few factors what will determine your best choice.


Unfortunately it seems that Australia is not getting the version that comes with a Batgirl minifigure. Luckily it’s not all bad news with other offers available.

JB Hi-Fi

JB Batwing Bonus

With an version of the film you will receive a free Batwing polybag. The website is calling this a bonus minifigure but the picture clearly shows 30524 The Mini Batwing which does not include a minifigure. I have heard multiple reports that JB were selling the movie yesterday, so you may be able to get it today.

Sanity LEGO Batman Bonus

On offer is a pre-order bonus of 30523 The Joker Battle Training, which includes a Joker minifgure and brick-built Batman training dummy (it includes a cowl but not a complete Batman). This bonus is listed as a pre-order bonus so you may want to get in contact with your local store and see if you can get hold of it.

Big W

Big W LEGO Batman Bonus

The offer from Big W is a little vague. The toy sale catalogue mentions a bonus activity set with various versions of the film, but it doesn’t specifically say what is included in the activity set. It looks like from the image that there is no LEGO included.

Read on for information about the various versions and their prices


The DVD and Blu-Ray version of the movie should be fairly widely available. Big W is cheapest with $19 for the DVD and $25 for the Blu-Ray. Unfortunately the bonus at Big W is a bit lacking. I couldn’t find the 3D version on the Big W website at all. It seems that if you are after the 3D version or the 4K version you will need to head to JB or Sanity. JB also has an exclusive Steelbook version. UPDATE: Reader Tim has let me know that JB currently have 20% off DVD and Blu-Rays this week (until June 30), so the prices will be a little cheaper than below.

Here are the prices that I could find…

StoreDVDBlu-Ray3D Blu-Ray4K
JB Hi-Fi$19.98$29.98$34.98$34.98
Big W$19.00$25.00--


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