On Sale: 20% Off At Myer, 28% Off At Myer’s eBay Store

I kind of have a love/hate relationship with Myer – I love that they have so many sales, but hate that they never seem to have much information about those sales.

This latest offer is one of those examples; right now the Myer online store has 20% off all LEGO.

I’m not sure when this ends, I don’t know whether it is in-store or online only and I am not aware of any exclusions. The Assembly Square is included in the sale so it doesn’t seem to exclude Creator Expert.

UPDATE: Over on the Bricking Around Facebook page Andrew reminded me about the Myer anniversary codes that should get you some extra discount. The codes are ANNIVERSARY10 for $10 off when you spend $60 or more, ANNIVERSARY15 for $15 off when you spend $80 or more and ANNIVERSARY20 for $20 off when you spend $100 or more.

Hopefully Myer will publish some more information soon. These Wednesday sales usually run until 11:59 PM on Sunday.

eBay 28% Off

As expected the Myer eBay store is also showing the 20% off prices. With the addition of code COZZIE you can get a further 10% off, bringing the total discount to 28%. Note that there is a $30 minimum spend on that code.

View the Myer eBay LEGO range here.

Thanks to Chris for the heads up about this sale.

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