Force Friday Deals From LEGO

It might feel like everything is about the Millennium Falcon right now, but it’s also Force Friday II which means all of the Last Jedi merchandise is now officially available.

I’ll be trying to do a round-up of the sets and prices later today but if you are interested in buying directly from LEGO there are some special offers that you may be interested in…

Triple VIP Points on all Star Wars purchases


The offer is valid from 1st to 3rd of September 2017.

Free Mini First Order Heavy Assault Walker

FFII Free Heavy Ass Walker

The website says that this offer is for orders equal to or greater than £60 in LEGO Star Wars™ merchandise only. I am guessing that would be about $100 AU. Again this offer runs from September 1st to 3rd.

Exclusive poster for VIP customers

FFII Free Poster

If you are signed in to your VIP account and purchase LEGO Star Wars sets you will receive one of three posters. The website says to come back each day for a different poster but that it is unlikely with the $200 free shipping threshold. This offer is also September 1st to 3rd.

6 thoughts on “Force Friday Deals From LEGO

  1. Steve Reply

    I tried placing an order, but the free Assault Walker polybag wasn’t added. I contacted customer support about this and they said the minimum spend was actually $120 on Star Wars products. My order was only $110 on SW stuff, together with other sets. I said the terms and conditions stated a minimum spend of £60, which was strange for an Australian site, but equated to about $100, so they added the polybag set manually.

    • Michael Post authorReply

      Thanks for the additional information Steve. Strange that £60 means $120.

  2. Andrew Reply

    Hi. I ordered Slave 1 at @ $299, my order status (that I printed out) says free shipping but I’ve been billed $45 extra on my credit card. Called customer service and their voice service said to call back at normal business hours…. I called them a 1.15pm! So hopefully its a mistake on their side and them not slipping in extra charges. If I stuffed up I’ll take it on the chin but haven’t had this problem before.

    • Michael Post authorReply

      Check with your bank too. Some banks charge an international transaction fee on the LEGO website, but $45 seems to high for it to be that.

  3. Dalton Nugent Reply

    What about the Scarif Stormtrooper polybag? Any mention how that is available in Australia?

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