On Sale: Toys R Us Bricktober Sale & Promotion

It’s almost October, or as Toys R Us like to call it Bricktober!

Every year in late September or early October Toys R Us runs some sort of LEGO giveaway. This year there are two different minifigure packs on offer. Click on the picture for a better look.

Toys R Us Bricktober 2017 Details

Here are the details…
Set 1: Spend $75 or more from September 27th to October 2nd to receive a set of 4 LEGO Ninjago minifigures. These minifigures are based on the TV show not the Ninjago Movie.
Set 2: Spend $75 or more from October 3rd to 10th to receive a set of 4 LEGO Batman Movie minifigures. The lineup of minifigures is exclusive to this promotion.

These packs are not available to purchase separately.

They also have a modest sale on to make spending that $75 a little more tempting. You can view the included sets below, or view the catalogue for yourself here. The sale runs for the same period as the promotion – from September 27th until October 10th. Note that Toys R Us sales do start online a day early (tonight) but you may not get the Ninjago minifigures until tomorrow.

 Set #NameThemePriceRRPRRP DiscountDiscount %
41326Friends Advent CalendarFriends$39.99$49.99$1020%
60155City Advent CalendarCity$39.99$49.99$1020%
75184LEGO Star Wars Advent CalendarStar Wars$39.99$49.99$1020%
10837Santa's Winter HolidayDuplo$31.99$39.99$820%
70625Samurai VXLNinjago$59.99$69.99$1014%
31058Mighty DinosaursCreator$17.99$22.99$522%
31063Beachside VacationCreator$31.99$39.99$820%
31064Island AdventuresCreator$31.99$39.99$820%
75190First Order Star DestroyerStar Wars$199.99$229.99$3013%
75188Resistance BomberStar Wars$159.99$179.99$2011%
41315Heartlake Surf ShopFriends$19.99$29.99$1033%
10812Truck & Tracked ExcavatorDuplo$19.99$29.99$1033%
10816My First Cars and TrucksDuplo$19.99$29.99$1033%
70622Desert LightningNinjago$19.99$29.99$1033%
60148ATV Race TeamCity$19.99$29.99$1033%
601494x4 with CatamaranCity$19.99$29.99$1033%
60150Pizza VanCity$19.99$29.99$1033%
60164Sea Rescue PlaneCity$19.99$29.99$1033%
60158Jungle Cargo HelicopterCity$19.99$29.99$1033%
42058Stunt BikeTechnic$27.99$32.99$515%
42059Stunt TruckTechnic$27.99$32.99$515%
42065RC Tracked RacerTechnic$99.99$119.99$2017%
41317Sunshine CatamaranFriends$79.99$99.99$2020%

7 thoughts on “On Sale: Toys R Us Bricktober Sale & Promotion

  1. Tony Reply

    I wonder if they will also have the other two Bricktober sets available in the following weeks (city jungle and especially the collectible minifigure sets).

    • Michael Post authorReply

      Nice. I figured they would but was just going off the current catalogue.

  2. Amy Reply

    I managed to get a Batman set – phew! I’m a bit disappointed that even the pirate Easter Bunny Batman that was out months ago had the pink cape whereas this one doesn’t, but anyway. Also, wizard has some different colours to the one in the movie. Am I being too picky? Probably. 😉
    Now to lobby for the Bat-hurst 1000 Batman to be made…

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