On Sale: 15% Off At Toys R Us For Grandparents Tomorrow

Here’s one for the older Bricking Around readers – tomorrow is Grandparents Day and Toys R Us are offering 15% off full-priced items for all grandparents.


There are some conditions to this offer – it’s tomorrow (October 29th) only, you need to be a Toys R Us VIP member and you have to present the barcode. The voucher also states that this is only for grandparents, so if you are young looking you may be out of luck depending on how strictly stores enforce this.

More information and a larger version of the voucher can be found at https://www.toysrus.com.au/grandparents-day/

1 thought on “On Sale: 15% Off At Toys R Us For Grandparents Tomorrow

  1. Mark Reply

    That is the most bizarre sale I’ve ever heard of. How are they going to enforce that? Do you need a senior citizens card? What if you are “old” but have no grandchildren? I doubt staff will be checking age/family credentials, that would be awkward. Or are we going to see groups of people standing outside sending in the grey army to stock up on modulars/exclusives/UCS sets?

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