On Sale: Selected Sets Reduced At Myer

Myer have a new pre-Christmas toy catalogue out, and inside is discounted prices on a range of sets. Surprisingly the list consists of almost entirely rare or exclusive sets. The sort of sets that are normally excluded from sales.

There are modulars, Creator Expert vehicles and even trains.

You can view the full list of sets below or the catalogue here.

The sale runs from yesterday (November 28th) through until Christmas Eve.

If you are willing to shop at eBay you can get an extra 20% off those sets, taking your discount to at least 36% off. The discounted items are marked in red so should be easy to spot. View the Myer eBay range here.

 Set #NameThemePriceRRPRRP DiscDisc %
75159Death StarStar Wars$639.00$799.99$160.9920%
75189First Order Heavy Assault WalkerStar Wars$183.00$229.99$46.9920%
75188Resistance BomberStar Wars$143.00$179.99$36.9921%
75179Kylo Ren's TIE FighterStar Wars$103.00$129.99$26.9921%
60139Mobile Command CenterCity$47.00$59.99$12.9922%
60141Police StationCity$127.00$159.99$32.9921%
60098Heavy Haul TrainCity$199.00$249.9$50.920%
60051High-Speed Passenger TrainCity$183.00$229.99$46.9920%
10242Mini Cooper MK VIIAdvanced Models$119.00$149.99$30.9921%
10220Volkswagen T1 Camper VanCreator Expert$135.00$169.99$34.9921%
10252Volkswagen BeetleAdvanced Models$119.00$149.99$30.9921%
10248Ferrari F40Creator$99.00$129.9$30.924%
10251Brick BankAdvanced Models$199.00$249.99$50.9920%
10255Assembly SquareAdvanced Models$319.00$399.99$80.9920%
10246Detective's OfficeCreator$180.00$229.99$49.9922%
10840Big FairDuplo$99.00$119.99$20.9917%
10508Deluxe Train SetDuplo$127.00$159.9$32.921%
10853Creative Building SetDuplo$31.95$39.99$8.0420%
10832Birthday PartyDuplo$15.95$19.99$4.0420%
41313Heartlake Summer PoolFriends$63.95$79.99$16.0420%
41306Mia's Beach ScooterFriends$12.00$15.99$3.9925%
41316Andrea's Speedboat TransporterFriends$31.95$44.99$13.0429%
41315Heartlake Surf ShopFriends$23.95$29.99$6.0420%

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