On Sale: Selected Sets Reduced At Toys R Us

The latest Toys R Us catalogue kicks off today and for some odd reason it features two identical pages of LEGO sets on sale. I am guessing it’s some sort of glitch.

With so many sales on lately this is hardly going to blow people away, as it’s a fairly small selection with modest discounts.

The sale runs from today (November 29th) until December 12th.

You can check out the catalogue for yourself here, or as usual see the list of sets below.

 Set #NameThemePriceRRPRRP DiscDisc %
10846Flo's Café [VIP]Duplo$63.94$79.99$16.0520%
10833Nursery SchoolDuplo$19.99$29.99$1033%
10845My First CarouselDuplo$19.99$29.99$1033%
10847My First Number TrainDuplo$19.99$29.99$1033%
41128Amusement Park Space RideFriends$19.99$29.99$1033%
41300Puppy ChampionshipFriends$19.99$29.99$1033%
41310Heartlake Gift DeliveryFriends$19.99$29.99$1033%
41315Heartlake Surf ShopFriends$19.99$29.99$1033%
75187BB-8Star Wars$139.99$159.99$2013%
75189First Order Heavy Assault WalkerStar Wars$199.99$229.99$3013%
75190First Order Star DestroyerStar Wars$199.99$229.99$3013%
75176Resistance Transport PodStar Wars$49.99$59.99$1017%
75179Kylo Ren's TIE FighterStar Wars$109.99$129.99$2015%
60167Coast Guard HeadquartersCity$139.99$159.99$2013%
60166Heavy-Duty Rescue Helicopter [VIP]City$54.94$69.99$15.0522%
601494x4 with CatamaranCity$19.99$29.99$1033%
60150Pizza VanCity$19.99$29.99$1033%
60164Sea Rescue PlaneCity$19.99$29.99$1033%
60158Jungle Cargo HelicopterCity$19.99$29.99$1033%

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