2017 Advent Calendars – Day 1 – City, Friends & Star Wars

Welcome to this year’s advent calendar coverage! I will be looking at all three calendars in the lead-up to Christmas.

Advent Banner 2017

Unfortunately I have been unwell all day and have only just managed to get today’s post up but it’s still December 1st in Perth. Hopefully the remaining days will feature slightly better photos and the post will be more timely.

Each day’s builds will be hidden after a break so you won’t get spoiled on the homepage. Read on to see what Day 1 has for us.



The LEGO City calendar usually include several microscale ‘toy’ builds and that is exactly how we start off this year. This train is quite small but still recognisable even at this small scale. A fairly simple little build.



The Friends advent calendar doesn’t muck around this year – giving you a minidoll on day one. This particular minidoll is Stephanie, and she’s wearing a wonderful winter jumper. Also included in a nice Christmas hat and a printed list.


I love that Stephanie comes with a checklist because she has always been the organised one of the Friends characters.

Star Wars


I fully admit that I initially had no idea what this was. For those of you in the same boat it is a microscale version of the Ghost from the Star Wars cartoon series Rebels. Not something that is necessarily the most well known Star Wars series.  The actual build is quite good with the splashes of colour.


2 thoughts on “2017 Advent Calendars – Day 1 – City, Friends & Star Wars

  1. Jen Reply

    Thanks Michael. We are doing the Star Wars Advent calendar this year, after doing the City one last year. Was tempted to do City as well, so interested to see what’s in that one this year.

  2. Boppins Reply

    My 4yo is so excited by his City advent calendar. I actually think my husband is just a keen for each days reveal.

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