2017 Advent Calendars – Day 5 – City, Friends & Star Wars

Today may be all about the slightly underwhelming launch of Amazon but the inevitable approach of Christmas is not slowing down. It’s already day 5!

Advent Banner 2017 Smaller



I love this little Gingerbread House build. I’m really not sure what else to add? The colours are perfect with the green and red decorations sitting on the white roof. The only thing I’d point out is that there isn’t anything holding the roof in it’s peak other than where the two sides meet at the point. It means if you are handling the model your roof might go a bit wonky.


2017Advent_FRIENDS_Day05 (2)

Day 5 in the Friends calendar is this cute little puppy. That’s it. No little build to go with it, just the puppy. I’m guessing that a follow-up build will include something to go with this dog, but it kind of feels like they’ve had to pad out the calendar and separated the puppy from a subsequent build.

Star Wars

2017Advent_STARWARS_Day05 (1)

Following up from yesterday’s massive gun we get another minifigure in today’s Star Wars spot. I don’t believe this is anybody in particular (happy to be corrected) but rather a generic resistance member. He features a nicely printed torso and a dual sided face print

2017Advent_STARWARS_Day05 (2)

The alternate face print is a little less friendly.

While this figure goes nicely with the turret from yesterday, he does also have a blaster of his own.

2017Advent_STARWARS_Day05 (3)

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