LEGO Batman Movie Series 2 Minifigures Unveiled

The LEGO Facebook page has overnight shared pictures the second series of The LEGO Batman Movie minifigures.

It’s an interesting lineup of minifigures – there are only two new Batman variants, some villains and a few less known members of the Justice League. As expected there are lots of humorous little details, such as Zod holding a newspaper with the headline “Kneel Before Zod in polls”

Click through the gallery to see the full lineup.

Are any of these must haves to you? These minifigures will be out in January.

2 thoughts on “LEGO Batman Movie Series 2 Minifigures Unveiled

  1. grindzero Reply

    I’m impressed with the lineup! There are enough Batman variants within the sets and series 1 so I’m glad they’ve given the spotlight to other characters.

    Zod, Jor-el and the WonderTwins are perfect! I’m also a bit partial to the Doctor Phosphorus.

  2. Gabe Reply

    Any idea when this will be released in AU? I’ve called a few retailers and they said they haven’t received any lego shipments in a while.

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