LEGO Responds To Questions About Detailed Faces In The Latest Modular

Modular Detailed Faces Thumb

One thing most people immediately noticed with the announcement of the Downtown Diner modular was that the classic smiley minifigures of modulars past were replaced with detailed face prints for the first time.

I ran a poll on the Bricking Around Facebook page asking which option you prefered and 70% opted for the detailed face printing option, which means 30% want to stick with the classic smiles.

Now LEGO has issued a statement regarding the change and what it means for the modulars going forward.

Over the past 10 years our modular buildings have evolved in many ways.  We’ve added more interior details, more story-telling and more emotional triggers such as unique decorations on windows & Minifigure torsos.  We now feel the time is right to bring the Minifigure expression in line with all the amazing details now offered throughout our models.  We have always loved the classic smiley face for its versatility and nostalgia value, but are now excited to explore the new possibilities expressive faces will offer us.

Essentially it comes down to wanting to better tell the story they are trying to tell with the set.

Are you happy with the change or still annoyed about it?

2 Responses to LEGO Responds To Questions About Detailed Faces In The Latest Modular

  1. Andrew says:

    I love the new faces, it also gives Lego the Opportunity to show what a superior product Lego is, compared to that Lepin rubbish, considering they are selling imitation modulars, but their printing is sub standard.

  2. Gavin says:

    I prefer the more detailed faces, it gives the minifigs more character and they fit in with other lines like City and CMFs now. With the previous modulars I usually just brinklink detailed heads to replace the traditional print. In saying that though, the traditional head is still cool with me. I grew up with it, most sets back in the day had it as standard. I remember thinking it was cool when you got a set and 1 out of 3 or 4 had a different print. I’ve kept all the traditional heads and plan on doing some sort of art with them, just not sure what yet.

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