2017 Advent Calendars – Day 14 – City, Friends & Star Wars

Another day done and another set of advent windows to open. Let’s see what today has in store for us…

Advent Banner 2017 Smaller


2017Advent_CITY_DAY14 (1)

Another microscale vehicle build today in LEGO city. This is a cute little container ship. Overall I think this is another nice build. It’s not a subject that you might normally associate with Christmas though. The toy planes make sense but I’m not sure how many kids get toy ships in comparison.


2017Advent_FRIENDS_Day14 (1)

Another little sled build today in our Friends window. With just 5 parts it’s not the most extensive build but the use of the angled bracket is a clever way to add some extra detail on the back.

This sled connects on to the previous ones we’ve had.

2017Advent_FRIENDS_Day14 (2)

Star Wars

2017Advent_STARWARS_Day14 (1)

After getting a First Order Snowspeeder yesterday it’s not a huge shock to see that we get a snowtrooper today. Nicely detailed torso and leg printing and the helmet mold is looks great.

Beneath the helmet is the grumpy face we get with a lot of trooper minifigures – in fact it’s exactly the same head we got on day 7.

2017Advent_STARWARS_Day14 (2)

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