2017 Advent Calendars – Day 19 – City, Friends & Star Wars

Yesterday we had some mixed results including a Friends build that I had to get you to explain to me. Hopefully today’s builds will be a little more obvious.

Advent Banner 2017 Smaller



A nice little minifigure scale Christmas tree build today. I wouldn’t mind some decoration on the tree but it’s possible there is a reason for it appearing the way it does.


2017Advent_FRIENDS_Day19 (1)

Another sled build today. We are at least getting some variation with these, as each has different design and colour scheme. I quite like this yellow one.

We’re getting a nice little sled train going now.

2017Advent_FRIENDS_Day19 (3)

Star Wars

2017Advent_STARWARS_Day19 (1)

Another microscale ship today with the TIE Striker. This is another Rogue One related build that goes with yesterday’s Y-Wing. The body is quite simple but the wedge plates produce the wing shape quite well.

2017Advent_STARWARS_Day19 (5)

2017Advent_STARWARS_Day19 (3)

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