2017 Advent Calendars – Day 22 – City, Friends & Star Wars

We are in to our final three builds. Let’s see what we get today.

Advent Banner 2017 Smaller


2017Advent_CITY_DAY22 (3)

In today’s City window we get this lovely yellow snow-mobile. LEGO City always seems to get snow at Christmas time so this makes sense. I really like the build, it’s simple but effective.

2017Advent_CITY_DAY22 (1)


2017Advent_FRIENDS_Day22 (1)

Today we get another animal, this black horse. I have been disappointed in the past when the window just contained an animal but I don’t mind as much today because the horse is quite large.

Star Wars

2017Advent_STARWARS_Day22 (1)

Today we get another microscale vehicle build. This time a AT-ST Walker, which has appeared in numerous Star Wars media. I guess this falls under the category of another Rogue One build as we got a larger AT-ST with set 75153. Another really faithful execution of the source. A great window today.

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    • Michael Post authorReply

      It could be. I went with AT-ST cause it matched the larger Rogue One set

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