Free Hotdog Stand From LEGO Online

The Australian online LEGO store has just released details of a new promotion.

With any City set purchase you will receive a free Hotdog Stand set.

Dec 2017 Hotdog Stand

This is actually quite a long running offer – it is available from 27th December 2017 to 4th March 2018, or while stocks last.

Interestingly there also doesn’t seem to be any minimum spend. You should get it with any City purchase.

With the new City sets available online* it’s a tempting offer.

* I haven’t hard time to post about the new sets yet, sorry.

4 thoughts on “Free Hotdog Stand From LEGO Online

  1. CS Reply

    This is awesome and a great filler piece to any Lego world to add some atmosphere but I am a bit fatigued by the Lego inequality. In the US free shipping is over $35 and in the UK shipping is so cheap as to be practically free (3.95 pounds for a small city set) but here in Oz it is free over $200 or insanely expensive at $25 and $35 depending on cart value. Lego makes more than enough profits on each item to wear some of the postage costs so that little sets like these are actually worthwhile getting. Not to mention Lego’s shipping is terrible, I cannot remember the last time I got a set that wasn’t damaged and didn’t have to go three rounds with their customer service getting replacements. This position does not seem like it will change so you have to take a punt on whether the $25 postage is worth it or whether the aftermarket for the set will charge less as there is not always $200 worth of Lego that people probably want/can afford/are willing to pay full retail for just to get a bonus.

    • Michael Post authorReply

      The shipping issue is a huge barrier stopping more people buying regularly from LEGO online. It should be an option for all your LEGO purchases but it really isn’t.

  2. Mark Reply

    Agree with all of the above. An average website with poor stock (thank you target/kmart/big w) and horrible shipping cost and quality.
    Some of the last jedi sets arent even released on their website but can be picked up in stores for even less. Its probably designed to deter people from buying through the website – the goods still sell, but the australian branch doesnt have to pay for extra staff that would be needed for efficient/cheap shipping etc. dont know but its annoying

  3. Kaitlyn Reply

    Because this promotion runs so long, do you think we’ll get the 60 Years of the LEGO Brick set in Australia?

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