Melbourne LEGOLAND Discovery Centre Builds World’s Largest Millennium Falcon

LEGOLAND Discovery Centre Master Model Builder Dave got in touch with me yesterday to share details of something awesome that they have done at the centre.

Over the last week (with the help of around 7000 children/families) Dave and his fellow Master Model Builder Lewis have built the World’s Largest LEGO Millennium Falcon.

Lego Star Wars Millenium Falcon Launch HR-7

This impressive model features 250,000 pieces which is just a few more than the UCS version.

Dave and Lewis started with a 1.25m prototype that took 100 hours to complete. That prototype was then up-scaled using giant bricks built by kids. You can see the prototype version on the right in the image below.

LEGOLAND Discovery Centre_Millenium Falcon

If you want to check out the model yourself it is on display at the Melbourne LEGOLAND Discovery Centre until the end of February.

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