February Set Price Battle: Who’s Got The Cheapest Everyday Prices

Back in January I compiled a detailed list of the everyday prices for the new release sets and you all seemed to find that helpful. So today I have trawled through the retailer website to compile a list for the February releases.

These are the stores everyday prices and don’t factor in any sales. There doesn’t actually seem to be any sales on at the moment anyway.

A lot of these sets aren’t showing up on the retailer websites unless you specifically search for them so unfortunately I can’t provide a direct link to each one.

Once again Kmart rocks the pricing. Their prices are either cheapest or equal cheapest for 40 out of the 48 sets on the list. Big W does get in a few great prices. Unfortunately for anybody with only a Target nearby their prices are not amazing.

Here is the important information, the list with the best price for each set. If you scroll right down to the end of the article there is also a full list of prices rather than just the best ones.

 Set #NameThemeRRPBest PriceFromDisc
10401Rainbow FunClassic$7.99$7.00Kmart / Big W12.39%
10402Fun FutureClassic$15.99$15.00Kmart / Target / Big W6.19%
10403World FunClassic$29.99$28.00Target6.64%
10404Ocean's BottomClassic$39.99$39.00Kmart / Target / Big W2.48%
10405Mission to MarsClassic$69.99$59.00Big W15.7%
10712Bricks and GearsClassic$29.99$20.00Kmart33.31%
10713Creative SuitcaseClassic$39.99$34.00Kmart14.98%
10714Blue BaseplateClassic$12.99$10.00Kmart / Big W23.02%
10748Emma's Pet PartyJuniors$15.99$9.00Big W43.71%
10749Mia's Organic Food MarketJuniors$29.99$20.00Kmart33.31%
10750Road Repair TruckJuniors$15.99$9.00Big W43.71%
10751Mountain Police ChaseJuniors$29.99$20.00Kmart33.31%
10753The Joker Batcave AttackJuniors$39.99$35.00Kmart / Big W12.48%
10754Spider-Man vs. Scorpion Street ShowdownJuniors$29.99$25.00Kmart16.64%
10755Zane's Ninja Boat PursuitJuniors$29.99$25.00Kmart16.64%
31071Drone ExplorerCreator$15.99$9.00Big W43.71%
31072Extreme EnginesCreator$15.99$9.00Big W43.71%
31073Mythical CreaturesCreator$22.99$18.00Kmart21.71%
31074Rocket Rally CarCreator$29.99$20.00Kmart33.31%
31075Outback AdventuresCreator$29.99$20.00Kmart33.31%
31076Daredevil Stunt PlaneCreator$29.99$20.00Kmart33.31%
31079Sunshine Surfer VanCreator$39.99$29.00Kmart27.48%
31080Modular Winter VacationCreator$39.99$29.00Kmart27.48%
31081Modular Skate HouseCreator$59.99$49.00Big W18.32%
41151Mulan's Training DayDisney$19.99$17.00Kmart14.96%
41152Sleeping Beauty's Fairytale CastleDisney$59.99$49.00Kmart18.32%
41153Ariel's Royal Celebration BoatDisney$69.99$59.00Kmart15.7%
41154Cinderella's Dream CastleDisney$119.99$99.00Kmart / Target / Big W17.49%
41155Elsa's Market AdventureDisney$29.99$24.00Kmart19.97%
70633Kai - Spinjitzu MasterNinjago$15.99$12.00Kmart24.95%
70634Nya - Spinjitzu MasterNinjago$15.99$12.00Kmart24.95%
70635Jay - Spinjitzu MasterNinjago$15.99$12.00Kmart24.95%
70636Zane - Spinjitzu MasterNinjago$15.99$12.00Kmart24.95%
70637Cole - Spinjitzu MasterNinjago$15.99$12.00Kmart24.95%
70638Katana V11Ninjago$29.99$20.00Kmart33.31%
70639Street Race of Snake JaguarNinjago$44.99$35.00Kmart22.2%
70640S.O.G. HeadquartersNinjago$79.99$79.00Big W1.24%
70641Ninja NightcrawlerNinjago$59.99$49.00Kmart / Big W18.32%
70642Killow vs. Samurai XNinjago$79.99$65.00Kmart18.74%
70643Temple of ResurrectionNinjago$99.99$75.00Kmart24.99%
72001Lance's Hover JousterNexo Knights$29.99$25.00Kmart16.64%
72002TwinfectorNexo Knights$29.99$25.00Kmart16.64%
72003Berserker BomberNexo Knights$44.99$39.00Kmart / Big W13.31%
72004Tech Wizard ShowdownNexo Knights$49.99$39.00Kmart / Big W21.98%
72005Aaron's X-bowNexo Knights$69.99$54.00Kmart22.85%
72006Axl's Rolling ArsenalNexo Knights$89.99$75.00Kmart16.66%
76099Rhino Face-Off By The MineMarvel Super Heroes$39.99$35.00Kmart / Big W12.48%
76100Royal Talon Fighter AttackMarvel Super Heroes$49.99$39.00Kmart21.98%

Raw Data List

Set #NameThemeRRPKmartBig WTarget
10401Rainbow FunClassic$7.99$7.00$7.00
10402Fun FutureClassic$15.99$15.00$15.00$15.00
10403World FunClassic$29.99$29.00$29.00$28.00
10404Ocean's BottomClassic$39.99$39.00$39.00$39.00
10405Mission to MarsClassic$69.99$69.00$59.00$69.00
10712Bricks and GearsClassic$29.99$20.00$29.00$28.00
10713Creative SuitcaseClassic$39.99$34.00$35.00$39.00
10714Blue BaseplateClassic$12.99$10.00$10.00$12.00
10748Emma's Pet PartyJuniors$15.99$10.00$9.00$15.00
10749Mia's Organic Food MarketJuniors$29.99$20.00$25.00$28.00
10750Road Repair TruckJuniors$15.99$9.00$15.00
10751Mountain Police ChaseJuniors$29.99$20.00$29.00$28.00
10753The Joker Batcave AttackJuniors$39.99$35.00$35.00$39.00
10754Spider-Man vs. Scorpion Street ShowdownJuniors$29.99$25.00$29.00$28.00
10755Zane's Ninja Boat PursuitJuniors$29.99$25.00$29.00$28.00
31071Drone ExplorerCreator$15.99$10.00$9.00$15.00
31072Extreme EnginesCreator$15.99$10.00$9.00$15.00
31073Mythical CreaturesCreator$22.99$18.00$19.00$22.00
31074Rocket Rally CarCreator$29.99$20.00$29.00$28.00
31075Outback AdventuresCreator$29.99$20.00$29.00$28.00
31076Daredevil Stunt PlaneCreator$29.99$20.00$29.00$28.00
31079Sunshine Surfer VanCreator$39.99$29.00$39.00$39.00
31080Modular Winter VacationCreator$39.99$29.00$39.00
31081Modular Skate HouseCreator$59.99$49.00$69.00
41151Mulan's Training DayDisney$19.99$17.00$19.00$18.00
41152Sleeping Beauty's Fairytale CastleDisney$59.99$49.00$54.00$54.00
41153Ariel's Royal Celebration BoatDisney$69.99$59.00$64.00$68.00
41154Cinderella's Dream CastleDisney$119.99$99.00$99.00$99.00
41155Elsa's Market AdventureDisney$29.99$24.00$28.00$28.00
70633Kai - Spinjitzu MasterNinjago$15.99$12.00$15.00
70634Nya - Spinjitzu MasterNinjago$15.99$12.00$15.00
70635Jay - Spinjitzu MasterNinjago$15.99$12.00$15.00
70636Zane - Spinjitzu MasterNinjago$15.99$12.00$15.00
70637Cole - Spinjitzu MasterNinjago$15.99$12.00$15.00
70638Katana V11Ninjago$29.99$20.00$29.00
70639Street Race of Snake JaguarNinjago$44.99$35.00$39.00$39.00
70640S.O.G. HeadquartersNinjago$79.99$79.00
70641Ninja NightcrawlerNinjago$59.99$49.00$49.00$59.00
70642Killow vs. Samurai XNinjago$79.99$65.00$79.00$79.00
70643Temple of ResurrectionNinjago$99.99$75.00$79.00$99.00
72001Lance's Hover JousterNexo Knights$29.99$25.00$29.00
72002TwinfectorNexo Knights$29.99$25.00$29.00
72003Berserker BomberNexo Knights$44.99$39.00$39.00
72004Tech Wizard ShowdownNexo Knights$49.99$39.00$39.00
72005Aaron's X-bowNexo Knights$69.99$54.00$59.00
72006Axl's Rolling ArsenalNexo Knights$89.99$75.00$89.00
76099Rhino Face-Off By The MineMarvel Super Heroes$39.99$35.00$35.00
76100Royal Talon Fighter AttackMarvel Super Heroes$49.99$39.00$45.00

8 thoughts on “February Set Price Battle: Who’s Got The Cheapest Everyday Prices

  1. Luke Reply

    Wow there are some great prices from Kmart. I wonder if they actually make a profit on some of those prices? $30 down to $20 everyday price is insane! Thanks for the list, very helpful.

    • Dr. Strange Reply

      Due to the economy, I am totally grateful that some divinity is watching over us and working it’s miracle through available avenues for us to enjoy our Lego. Least we need not weep in bed at night dreaming of those sexy blocks seducing our minds which might eventually lead to stuff like Lego Anonymous Groups forming.

  2. Tim Reply

    “Unfortunately for anybody with only a Target nearby their prices are not amazing.”
    Target (and Big W and K-Mart) have always price matched for me if they have the same sets. Just ask them and they will normally do it. I have always checked your site for specials and then just taken it to whichever store has all the sets that I want. It means only one trip but yyou get the lowest prices.

    • Michael Post authorReply

      I absolutely suggest you price match but it’s extra work every time. It can get annoying.

      • Tim Reply

        That’s true but since you have done all the hard work for us in letting us know the prices the wait at the checkout is less annoying.
        I am sure I am not the only one who appreciates the work you do also.

        • Mark Reply

          No Tim, you are definitely not the only one who appreciates Michaels hard work 🙂 thank you!

  3. Kei Reply

    Looks like Big W have updated some of their prices eg 31079 Sunshine Surfer Van $29, 10404 Ocean’s Bottom $35. From the previous article, 60182 Pickup and Caravan and 60183 Heavy Cargo Transport are both $29.
    Big W price dropped items (eg 31071 drone explorer, 31072 extreme engines) are generally excluded from their percentage off sales, so if it’s the best price now by at least 20%, you are probably not getting it cheaper any time soon. K Mart doesn’t seem to do percentage of sales, so their best prices may be as good as it gets for the immediate future.

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