On Sale: 36% Off At Myer eBay With A Discount Double-Up

UPDATE: It looks like the glitch has been fixed.

Update 2: They unfixed it? I have no idea why but the double up is back on.

It looks like the Myer eBay store currently has a glitch double up of offers.

They already have 20% off LEGO and have now launched a special eBay only code for 20% off. Both of these offers are working together to get you 36% off their LEGO prices.

The code you need is PMYERSALE at the checkout.

I suggest getting in quickly as if this is a mistake it won’t last long.

View the Myer eBay range here.

Thanks to Daeyeon for letting me know about this.

12 thoughts on “On Sale: 36% Off At Myer eBay With A Discount Double-Up

  1. Eddie Reply

    Thanks for the information. I’ve tried on eBay and noticed that ‘PMYERSALE’ promotion code can only be used once (per eBay account). On my 2nd order, it said ‘You already applied this code to an order’. So, better buy everything in the same order…

  2. B McKean Reply

    Looks like they might have fixed it, when you go to the individual item page or add to cart, the price is back to normal, even though the discounted price shows up on the search pages.

  3. Gary Reply

    It looks like this has been fixed. The items are now listed at RRP and not 20% off.

  4. Nicole Reply

    It’s definitely working again. I just bought two Creator Expert sets and got the double discount. Absolute cheering here at the moment 🙂

  5. Josiah Reply

    Glitch went back down, but then up again. As of 7pm just bought Assembly Square for $255!

  6. grindzero Reply

    I’m in SOOOO MUCH TROUBLE!!!!!

    Assembly Square. $255.
    Destiny’s Bounty $166.40

    And a couple of duplo sets for the little one. The airport and the new spider-man/hulk set. Total spend was $478.

    The last time this happened I got the 75105 Millenium Falcon (Force Awakens) for peanuts as well. I wonder if someone gets in trouble for these mistakes.

    • grindzero Reply

      all items shipped!
      Myer’s feedback on ebay had one unhappy soul whose order for assembly square was cancelled.
      Glad mine is on the way.

  7. CT Reply

    I suggest that everyone who was successful checks that they actually got the stacked discount.

    I got both discounts working and purchased Assembly Square and Destiny’s Bounty for $422.34 total.

    Stacked discount price was confirmed by eBay checkout and Paypal transaction. However I have since checked my Paypal transactions and was overcharged by Myer (apparently I did not get the second 20% off even though I was supposed to, so was charged $527.92).

    I have contacted Paypal’s resolution centre as I should not have been charged so much. I hope they can work it out.

    Just a heads up!

    • grindzero Reply

      So far so good for my transaction. Still only showing $473 on Paypal. The documentation I’ve received from Myer shows only a single 20% discount (Assembly Square for $319 etc.) but Paypal and CC are reflecting the double discount.

      Thanks for the heads up CT. I’ll follow it over the next few days.

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