#WhatWillYouBuild – Building Like a Kid With 10404 Ocean’s Bottom

This article was planned a while ago but it just happened to coincide with a campaign from LEGO called #WhatWillYouBuild. Thanks to that campaign I have a copy of the 10404 Ocean’s Bottom set to give away. See the end of the article for competition details.

To celebrate the 60th anniversary of the LEGO brick I wanted to do something different. Sure I plan to review some amazing sets that are out this year but I also wanted to try and capture what made me fall in love with LEGO in the first place. I set out with a simple goal – build like a kid.

For me as a child LEGO was never about the sets. I honestly don’t recall any particular sets that I owned. LEGO for me as a child was always just a big clear tub. I’d tip it out and just make stuff. No instructions, just my imagination and whatever the bricks wanted to be that day.

The new range of sets LEGO brought out to celebrate the 60th anniversary looked perfectly suited to what I was trying to do. 10404 Ocean’s Bottom hit the mark in that it was the right price and also seemed to have some cool parts.

I really wanted the create the feeling of building like a kid so I didn’t got overboard in sorting out the parts. I basically just tipped out the bags as they came into separate sections of a tray. I wanted that feeling of digging through the parts to find the one you want.

So there I was. LEGO bricks at the ready. No instructions. No time limits or specific goals. It was time to build.

Building like a kid is tough work when you’ve got a whole heap of other boring adult things in your head. The first night I realised I was just too tired to get in to it and went to bed. My younger self would have hated that.

The next night was a breakthrough. I decided I wanted to do something castle-ish and grabbed a handful of bricks and just started playing with various ways of putting them together. I was being super critical of everything I was coming up with before it hit me. I’m supposed to be building like a kid. I needed to stop judging everything I was doing. Enjoy the journey more than the destination.

Here’s what I built that night and over the following week. These are not crazy impressive mocs worthy of The Brothers Brick, and they certainly aren’t going to be appearing on LEGO Ideas. But I made them and I like them.

Castle Wall

WhatWillYouBuild 14

This was my castle creation. I wanted to try and include some interesting shapes so I went with the 1×2 bricks with cross hole to break up the solid walls. I also used inverted slopes to add some dimension. Walls are usually fairly flat so I thought I’d add detailing with some plates. I went with the round plate to add an unusual shape.

WhatWillYouBuild 15

Underwater Drone Camera

WhatWillYouBuild 07

Before I started this build I really wanted to make a submarine. As I started building I couldn’t get the clear dome to work the way I wanted so I ended up putting it on the front of the build. I added a 1×1 round brick as the camera lens. I used the two exhaust elements as a kind of propulsion system. To add to the build I used the blue base plate as water and created a kind of coral reef for my underwater drone to explore.

WhatWillYouBuild 08

Wacky Clown

WhatWillYouBuild 05

I wasn’t quite sure what to do with the large eyes until I had the idea of using the red 2×2 slider plate part as a clown nose. From there it was a pretty straightforward build. I added a bowtie and decided it looked better a bit skewed. I also decided that the clown needed a cool hat. I think the end result is pretty cute.

Purple Alien

WhatWillYouBuild 01

This build started with the idea of putting the 1×1 round eye print tiles on the 2×2 jumper plates. I liked the look of it so tried to think of how to incorporate that into a build. The breakthrough came when I tried building upside down and managed to come up with something I really liked as a mouth. The body is quite simple but I added in the purple wings simply because the colour matched. It was tricky to get the head attached to the body but in the end I found a solution. I decided to give the little thing some cool horns.

WhatWillYouBuild 02

For the version photographed I added two 1×2 plates from my personal collection because I needed the 1×4 I had used for something else.


WhatWillYouBuild 10

I knew that I had to build a spaceship. I just wasn’t sure how I was going to do it. The two 2×2 round bricks in trans orange formed a bit of a starting point. I combined those with grey round plate and tile and really liked it as a kind of fuel cell. I ended up building the ship around the idea that these fuels cells were easily swapped in and out, so the back was more open than the front half.

WhatWillYouBuild 12

I added a technic pin with stud from my own collection as a connection point for the “fuel cell”. This is essentially a spaceship powered by futuristic swap and go gas bottles.

Green Car

WhatWillYouBuild 16

After the other builds were done I realised that hadn’t used any of the wheels as wheels. With that I decided to build myself a car. I had plenty of green left so decided my car was going to be built in shades of green. I added a massive engine for speed, a big spoiler for handling and flames coming out the back because that is cool.

WhatWillYouBuild 17

If you are a skilled builder you are probably shaking your head at my creations. I would absolutely understand that. The point of this exercise was never about building the best creations. It was about one simple goal – build like a kid.

I think that I managed to achieve that. I found a kind of Zen where I could block out the distractions and just build. I felt the frustration of not being able to get something to look the way it did in my head. I felt the elation of the bricks coming together. That unmistakable LEGO sound as I scratched around for parts. The whole experience was the best kind of nostalgia.

I found this exercise really therapeutic. Life can be tough as an adult and things can pile up. It was really great to have a break. During a tough day at work I’d visualise the pile of brick.

If you have the chance I highly recommend building like a kid.

Competition Details


Thanks to the LEGO Community Engagement team I have a copy of 10404 Ocean’s Bottom to give away. Enter your details in the form below for an entry. I am also looking to spread the #WhatWillYouBuild message, so there are a heap of ways to gain additional entries into the competition.

Over on the Bricking Around Facebook page you’ll find a gallery of my builds marked with the hashtag. You’ll also find them on Twitter and Instagram.

Here’s how to gain entries:

  • Share the #WhatWillYouBuild gallery on Facebook – 1 Entry
  • Retweet one of the #WhatWillYouBuild photos on Twitter – 1 Entry
  • Like and comment on one of the #WhatWillYouBuild Instagram posts – 1 Entry

Doing all of those will get you quite a few entries in the competition. But would you like an extra 25 entries? Then build something. It can be 1000 pieces or 10 pieces. Big or small. Just build something. Then just share your creation:

  • Post it on the Bricking Around Facebook Page with the hashtag #WhatWillYouBuild
  • Post it on Twitter with the hashtags #WhatWillYouBuild and #BrickingAround as well as tagging @BrickingAround
  • Post it on Instagram with the hashtags #WhatWillYouBuild and #BrickingAround as well as tagging @Bricking_Around

You’ll get 25 bonus entries per unique creation.

Entries close at 12:01 PM AEST on March 12th 2018.

Basic Entry Form


Terms and Conditions

Bricking Around #WhatWillYouBuild Competition


  1. Information on how to enter and prizes forms part of these Conditions of Entry.
  2. Entry is open to all Australian residents who visit www.brickingaround.com during the promotional period. Entrants under the age of 18 must provide contact details for a Parent or Guardian over the age 18.
  3. The Promoter reserves the right to verify the validity of entries and to disqualify any entrant who tampers with the entry process or who submits an entry that is not in accordance with these Conditions of Entry.
  4. Entrants can gain multiple entries by performing various tasks as outlined in the competition post.
  5. No responsibility accepted for late, lost or misdirected entries.
  6. The promotion commences at 10:01 AM AEST on 02/03/2018 and closes at 12:01 PM AEST on 12/03/2018 (“the Promotional Period”). The promoter may in its absolute discretion end the promotion prior to the conclusion date.
  7. All entries earned will be added to the entrant pool by Bricking Around.
  8. The winner will be chosen using computerised random selection.
  9. The prize pool consists of 1 x 10404 Ocean’s Bottom set.
  10. The winners of the prize will be contacted via email, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram in order to arrange delivery. If the winner cannot be contacted within 7 days of the close of the competition, then the winner will have forfeited the prize. If a prize cannot be delivered to the specified delivery address via standard post, then the winner of the prize is responsible for any additional delivery charges. Entrant must be located within Australia.
  11. If the prize in not claimed within the 7 day period a redraw will occur.
  12. The prizes are not transferable or exchangeable and cannot be taken as cash. No responsibility is accepted for any variation in the value of a prize.
  13. The promoter of this competition is Bricking Around. The prize was provided by the LEGO Group of Companies but is conducted without their direct involvement.


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        Love your builds. Creative use of bricks and colourful. Will see if I can get a bit creative as well and post something.

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