On Sale: 25% Off LEGO At Myer

It’s not quite glitch sale levels but I do love a straight discount over 20%, and that is exactly what Myer are offering today and tomorrow with 25% off all LEGO.

This is a Super Saturday sale, which means that the discount is live online now but will only start in-store tomorrow.

The offer ends at 11:59 PM AEDT Saturday night, so get in quick.

The only exclusion mentioned is clearance items and minifigures.

You can view the full online range here.

Unfortunately it seems the anniversary codes have been disabled, so you won’t get extra discounts this time.

Thanks to Chris and Eric for letting me know.

5 thoughts on “On Sale: 25% Off LEGO At Myer

  1. Madk Reply

    Has started in store as the signage has gone up in some stores it seems. You can also kindly ask the staff and they may apply the discount today if you mention the online sale. Worked for me anyway.

    • Matt Reply

      By any chance did you notice if they have the infinity war sets on shelves yet?

  2. James Reply

    Melbourne CBD had all the new DC, Marvel (infinity war) and speed champion dets in stock

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