Updated Exclusivity Information For April


I have been in touch with LEGO this morning and they were kind enough to send through a bit of an update on retailer exclusivity for some new sets. This list should help you plan out some of your purchases.

There are a heap of new BrickHeadz out – Go Brick Me, Infinity War, Solo, Jurassic World and The Incredibles II. All of these are exclusive to Myer, David Jones and Specialty toy stores. They are all April releases so should be out by the end of the month.

The latest modular 10260 Downtown Diner is hitting Myer this April. Hopefully it arrives when there is a 20% off or better sale.

21313 Ship in A Bottle should be easier to find as it is coming to Myer, David Jones and Specialty toy stores in May.

Jurassic World will have a $99.99 exclusive T-Rex Transport set coming to Toys R Us later this month too.

New Star Wars buildable versions of Han Solo, Range Trooper and Darth Maul will be available from Myer, David Jones and Specialty toy stores in April.

You can see the full list here. If you don’t see something on the list it is either on the earlier version, yet to be determined or general release.

Set #
Exclusive To
41597Go Brick MeBrickHeadzMyer/David Jones/SpecialtyApril
41604Iron Man MK50BrickHeadzMyer/David Jones/SpecialtyApril
41605ThanosBrickHeadzMyer/David Jones/SpecialtyApril
41606Star-LordBrickHeadzMyer/David Jones/SpecialtyApril
41607GamoraBrickHeadzMyer/David Jones/SpecialtyApril
41608Han SoloBrickHeadzMyer/David Jones/SpecialtyApril
41609ChewbaccaBrickHeadzMyer/David Jones/SpecialtyApril
41613Mr. Incredible & FrozoneBrickHeadzMyer/David Jones/SpecialtyApril
41614Owen & BlueBrickHeadzMyer/David Jones/SpecialtyApril
10260Downtown DinerCreator Expert MyerApril
21313Ship in a BottleIdeasMyer/David Jones/Specialty May
75933T-Rex TransportJurassic WorldToys R UsApril
75535Han SoloStar WarsMyer/David Jones/SpecialtyApril
75536Range TrooperStar WarsMyer/David Jones/SpecialtyApril
75537Darth MaulStar WarsMyer/David Jones/SpecialtyApril

3 Responses to Updated Exclusivity Information For April

  1. Kcy says:

    Thanks for sharing the useful info

  2. Mark says:

    Is the limited availability of the latest brickheadz and SW constraction figures due to ‘exclusivity’ deals or is it just that Big W, Kmart and Target decided not to stock them due to predicted poor sales? From what I’ve heard the constraction line has been terminated earlier than expected (ie. the ones listed above are the final ones) and brickheadz have not been selling well either. They are weird exclusives if that is what they are. The Downtown Diner on the other hand I completely understand, as predicted demand would be high and exclusives have traditionally been big ticket sets.

  3. Sergio says:

    Toys R Us has an uncertain future in Australia. My local Toys R Us (Chadstone Shopping Centre store)’s general new toys stock level, including Lego are diminishing. It appears that TRU is reducing its restock numbers in the shop. Some toys like new transformers are not being restocked at all. And they charge above RRP for some Lego sets. That is a joke.

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