On Sale: Toys R Us Slashes Prices of Two Large Sets

I understand that a sale with two sets is pretty terrible but the prices make this sale worth sharing.

Toys R Us has a catalogue out today that features two large sets with deep discounts…

  • 70912 Arkham Asylum for $169.96, or $100 off the regular price.
  • 75188 Resistance Bomber for $129.99, or $50 off the regular price.

Toys R Us Price Reductions April 2018

The sale starts tomorrow (April 18th) in store but should be online tonight. I am not sure how this offer will stack with the current buy one, get one half price offer. Fingers crossed they do stack.

The sale ends May 1st.


8 thoughts on “On Sale: Toys R Us Slashes Prices of Two Large Sets

    • Michael Post authorReply

      That doesn’t always mean it won’t work. Sometimes what the catalogue says and how the website works doesn’t match up.

  1. Tom Reply

    Target has the 75188 Resistance Bomber for $129.00. 70912 Arkham Asylum seems to be an exclusive so that’s a good price.

    The discount is live on the site now and the 2nd one for half price offer seems to work.

    • Michael Post authorReply

      $254.94 for two Arkham Aylums is just crazy. Basically 50% off

  2. tacenda Reply

    The website has removed the B1G1 half price on the clearance sets, literally WHILE I WAS CHECKING OUT. Missed out on taking advantage of an awesome deal. 🙁 🙁 🙁

  3. Jon Reply

    My order went through earlier for 2 of them. Won’t surprise me if I get a cancellation email soon.

  4. Mark Reply

    I ordered four sets in the past TRU sale; Creator Volkswagen Beetle, Ferris Wheel, Ideas Old Fishing Store and Caterham seven. They came in three separate packages from three different locations on three separate days and all were damaged beyond belief. I had to return them in store and, not surprisingly, they were no longer in stock. I’m done with TRU. Good riddance I say.

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