Amazon Actually Has Some Good LEGO Prices

I was telling a friend earlier today about the Target 20% off sale on Jurassic World and he said that most of the Jurassic World sets were actually cheaper at Amazon.

I decided to check it out and sure enough he was right. Even with the current 20% off sale almost all of the sets are cheaper at Amazon.

It’s possible that they have adjusted their prices in response to the Big W 25% off this week, but it could also hopefully be a sign that Amazon wants to be aggressive on LEGO pricing.

You can check out the Jurassic World range for yourself here.

Looking through the rest of their listings and there are certainly a few things that jump out as being discounted. Nothing crazy but certainly competitive (see a list of examples below). Perhaps Amazon Australia is becoming a site worth checking when doing your LEGO shopping?

 Set #NameThemePriceRRPDisc %Link
75212Kessel Run Millennium FalconStar Wars$206.25$269.9924%View
75190First Order Star DestroyerStar Wars$204.18$229.9911%View
75188Resistance BomberStar Wars$129.99$179.9928%View
60174Mountain Police HeadquartersCity$119$159.9926%View
42056Porsche 911 GT3 RSTechnic$410$499.9918%View
42077Rally CarTechnic$111.75$159.9930%View
75187BB-8Star Wars$96.75$159.9940%View
41318Heartlake HospitalFriends$96.75$149.9935%View
75889Ferrari Ultimate GarageSpeed Champions$96.75$149.9935%View
76107Thanos: Ultimate BattleMarvel Super Heroes$81.75$119.9932%View

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