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The BrickHeadz theme is polarising, and I will be completely honest and say that I am not a fan of all of them. I do like the concept and think some of them are awesome.

When Go Brick Me was announced I was really excited by the concept. A collection of parts that allows you to build a BrickHeadz version of yourself. It’s like those video games where you can customise your character, but LEGO.

The Build

This set isn’t your typical set in that there isn’t a linear progression through the instructions to create something. The closest that you get to that is what I like to call the practice BrickHead. The instructions guide you through making an all white character. It’s literally the blandest possible BrickHead that you can make but it serves the purpose of teaching you the structure of a BrickHeadz character. It’s important to understand how a basic BrickHead goes together so that when you create your own it looks “right”.

41597 Go Brick Me  (14)

Once you have built your Tabula Rasa BrickHead the instructions act as more of a choose your own adventure book. You look through the different torso designs and pick the one you want, and then build that. Then you pick a hair style. There are a good variety of different builds covered so if you are somebody that doesn’t want to get creative you should still find something close to what you want within the pages.

The set includes three different skin tones. You are never going to capture the full spectrum of skin tones but LEGO has at least made attempts to be inclusive.

When it comes to hair you get the same selection of parts in multiple colours: orange, yellow for blonde, brown and black. This is great because it allows you to follow the instructions for any of the hair styles and just do so in the colour you want. You can of course mix and match colours.

You also get a great selection of stickers. They provide a lot of optional detailing. As much as I prefer printed elements the range of stickers works well here because you can add them to the elements you want. You can put a classic space logo on a blue ‘shirt’ or make a pink one with a star on it.

41597 Go Brick Me Stickers

The final option for your BrickHeadz is a broad range of accessories – basics like a cup and camera to more exciting options such as a surfboard or guitar.

The End Result

My first goal was pretty simple – build a BrickHead version of myself. It’s what the box tells you to do after all.

I kept my BrickHead self fairly simple. On my bottom half I opted for a combination of dark blue for jeans with 1×2 plates to represent black shoes. For the torso I decided to go with the colours of the Bricking Around logo; light blue with a bright green stripe. I think it captures the spirit of the logo.

41597 Go Brick Me  (3)

My skin tone is naturally very pale so the tan elements worked perfectly for my arms and head.

Generally the head of the BrickHead is where you get the most interesting building. I looked through the various hair builds but none seemed quite right so I changed it up a bit and created something unique. It’s easy to get lost playing around with the hair. My hair is a lot darker than the yellow you get for blonde. I think dark tan would be a better colour but you don’t get that as an option out of the box.

Finally I finished my design off with square glasses. A bit thicker than mine but they work with the overall exaggerated features.

41597 Go Brick Me  (1)

Next up I decided BrickHead me needed some company so set out to do a version of my wonderful wife. My wife is less pale than me (not difficult) so I originally went with the nougat colour for the skin but it ended up being too different. I instead went back to the tan option. Unfortunately because of the design choices I made I didn’t quite have the elements needed to do both of us in tan. I ended up grabbing a few elements from my own collection, such as 2 1×2 tiles in tan.

41597 Go Brick Me  (6)

Be warned that if you are trying to build two BrickHeadz with the same skin tone and same hair colour then you are likely going to run in to issues.

My wife’s BrickHead features red shoes, black pants and a black and white shirt. For her hair I went for the by the book long brown option (I forgot to get a rear hair shot with the tan skin tone).

41597 Go Brick Me  (5)

The set states that you can build two characters (with the exception of certain combinations) and the main reason for that claim is that you get 28 of the Brick 1X2X1 2/3 W/4 Knobs elements. These elements form the main skeleton of the BrickHeadz. 12 are used for each head and generally 2 are used for each torso.

I had built the two BrickHeadz but I was feeling inspired. I decided to have a go at building something different. Instead of pulling apart either of the two BrickHeadz I had already built I scrounged up some extra Brick 1X2X1 2/3 W/4 Knobs (sorry Batgirl) and got to work.

Introducing Redbeard the Pirate.

41597 Go Brick Me  (9)

Full disclosure – this little guy features extra elements that I got from my own collection. That might seem odd for a review of the Go Brick Me set but the stuff that I added is stuff that should be fairly common. I needed a 2×3 red plate and 1×1 round brick for his peg leg. I also added a sword for fun. The torso, hair, skin, beard and eyepatch are all elements from the set.

41597 Go Brick Me  (12)

As odd as I know it sounds I think that adding a few extra bits is part of the experience of this set. It’s like an “Introduction to BrickHeadz” course in a box, and I feel like by the time I had created the first three (including albino BrickHead) I had a good understanding of the format and wanted to step outside the sandbox that LEGO had provided.

Value For Money

I picked up this set at full RRP of $39.99 and I really think I got that much value from it. I currently have three BrickHeadz sitting on my desk beside me and there are still a heap of pieces left over. I’m honestly tempted to BrickLink some more of the Brick 1X2X1 2/3 W/4 Knobs elements so I can make some more. I’ve caught the custom BrickHead bug.

The set is currently available from LEGO Online, Myer, David Jones, Toys R Us and speciality toy stores. If you can find it for 20% off then you are getting over 700 pieces of LEGO for $31.99. That’s absolutely worth it.

41597 Go Brick Me  (8)

If you are looking to re-create you and somebody else with similar skin tone and hair colour then you are probably going to run in to issues and that might be frustrating. If you are looking to create two completely different characters then you can should be able to do that no problem and have a heap of fun doing it.

If, like me, you want to use the set as a launching pad for your own adventures in BrickHead building then you are absolutely going to have a blast.

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