Australian Details of All The New Sets Coming In June

While I have been at home with the flu LEGO have been busy updating their online store with over 40 sets due for release shortly.

These sets are all marked as June releases online but quite often the actual retail release schedule is different. I don’t currently have a retail catalogue to give you a breakdown on when each set will be in stores but as soon as I can track that info down I will be sure to share it.

If you are just interested in the list jump straight to the end of the article.

There is a lot to love in this line-up. Obviously the big news is the follow-up to Ninjago City, 70657 Ninjago City Docks which has an Australian RRP of $349.99.


Architecture returns with two global icons; 21041 Great Wall of China for $79.99 and 21042 Statue of Liberty for $149.99.

There are two new Elves sets on offer. The massive 41196 The Elvenstar Tree Bat Attack looks great.

Creator has 4 sets in the line-up but the most popular may be 31084 Pirate Roller Coaster at $119.99. A lot cheaper than the Creator Expert option.


The new sub-theme for Friends is racing and it features some great sets such as 41352 The Big Race Day for $79.99. There are also some non-racing Friends sets such as 41347 Heartlake City Resort.

Unikitty! is going to be a polarising theme but I must admit that some of the sets look interesting. 41456 Unikingdom Fairground Fun sees the return of purple coaster tracks.

City sees things return to the arctic with sets in a range of price points. Interestingly 60194 Arctic Scout Truck can be integrated with Boost.


Back in regular LEGO City we finally have a new Hospital – 60204 LEGO City Hospital for $159.99. There is also a new city centre set in 60200 Capital City.


Ninjago’s 70652 Stormbringer is another set with Boost integration.

I’ve included a link to each set so you can check out extra details of the ones you are interested in. Here’s the full list…

 Set #NameThemeRRPLink
10717Bricks Bricks BricksClassic$99.99View
10763Stephanie's Lakeside HouseJuniors$44.99View
10764City Central AirportJuniors$69.99View
10873Minnie's Birthday PartyDuplo$29.99View
10881Mickey's BoatDuplo$39.99View
21041Great Wall of ChinaArchitecture$79.99View
21042Statue of LibertyArchitecture$149.99View
31077Modular Sweet SurprisesCreator$59.99View
31083Cruising AdventuresCreator$79.99View
31084Pirate Roller CoasterCreator$119.99View
31085Mobile Stunt ShowCreator$79.99View
41195Emily & Noctura's ShowdownElves$59.99View
41196The Elvenstar Tree Bat AttackElves$119.99View
41341Andrea's BedroomFriends$15.99View
41342Emma's Deluxe BedroomFriends$19.99View
41344Andrea's Accessories StoreFriends$44.99View
41345Heartlake City Pet CenterFriends$79.99View
41346Friendship BoxFriends$79.99View
41347Heartlake City ResortFriends$159.99View
41348Service & Care TruckFriends$29.99View
41349Drifting DinerFriends$44.99View
41350Spinning Brushes Car WashFriends$44.99View
41351Creative Tuning ShopFriends$59.99View
41352The Big Race DayFriends$79.99View
41451Unikitty Cloud CarUnikitty!$19.99View
41452Prince Puppycorn TrikeUnikitty!$19.99View
41453Party TimeUnikitty!$39.99View
41454Dr. Fox LaboratoryUnikitty!$49.99View
41455Unikingdom Creative Brick BoxUnikitty!$49.99View
41456Unikingdom Fairground FunUnikitty!$69.99View
41775Unikitty Collectibles Series 1Unikitty!$5.99View
60190Arctic Ice GliderCity$9.99View
60191Arctic Exploration TeamCity$15.99View
60192Arctic Ice CrawlerCity$29.99View
60193Arctic Air TransportCity$49.99View
60194Arctic Scout TruckCity$69.99View
60195Arctic Mobile Exploration BaseCity$159.99View
60196Arctic Supply PlaneCity$99.99View
60200Capital CityCity$199.99View
60202People Pack: Outdoor AdventuresCity$59.99View
60204LEGO City HospitalCity$159.99View
70650Destiny's WingNinjago$29.99View
70657Ninjago City DocksNinjago Movie$349.99View

6 thoughts on “Australian Details of All The New Sets Coming In June

  1. Andrew Reply

    Thank you for a thorough and detailed review of what’s coming, it is very much appreciated. So much easier than trawling through clickbait on youtube. The downside is an ever growing must-have list, to which of course the Bugatti Chiron will need to be added next week. That pirate rollercoaster looks awesome for those of us that struggle with the cost of the real thing 😉

  2. Kcy Reply

    Thanks for sharing this info. I am keen to get the Ninjago City docks which will go well with the Ninjago City. Do you know if this is exclusive to a certain store?

    • Josiah Reply

      Ninjago City was a TRU exclusive, but with it going into administration we might see it move over to Amazon (fingers crossed).

  3. JJ Reply

    But…. They might not be a june release…. Still hanging out for them!

    • Michael Post authorReply

      I only posted the new stuff on the LEGO website. No new trains there yet.

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