71043 Hogwarts Castle Is 6020 Pieces of Magic

Did you think we’d seen all we were going to see from the return of Harry Potter? Chances are you didn’t see this coming – a 6020 piece microscale Hogwarts Castle.


No official announcement yet but hopefully now that LEGO have uploaded these images more information will be released soon.


Australian RRP confirmed at $649.99 with a release date of September 1st.


The set features a huge lineup of microscale figures, as well as minifigure versions of the original Hogwarts house founders.

Check out the full image gallery below. No Australian pricing at this stage.

8 thoughts on “71043 Hogwarts Castle Is 6020 Pieces of Magic

  1. Angela Reply

    I cannot even with how deeply I want this. Still haven’t been able to justify the $500 Disney castle I’ve been yearning for, and now this. 🙁

  2. Tom Reply

    I had planned to get all the new HP sets, but I think this might just be the only one I need (maybe Hogwarts Express to).

    • Max Reply

      100% agree. Those two sets are the only Wizarding World sets I feel I truly need. The others are cool and all, but just don’t have enough going on to warrant a purchase

  3. Alison Reply

    This is amazing. The Australian price however seems particularly expensive.

  4. Xavier Reply

    Official release says 15 August for VIPs and 1 September for the people who are not VIP on Lego store ie haven’t bought anything from the Lego online Shop before.

  5. Andrew Reply

    Once again Australian customers are being fleeced. US price is $400, or approx. $A500 at current ER. Add GST and we’re still paying $100 too much. Stunning set though, hopefully it will hit retail here at a bit of a discount, like the Porsche did.

    • Mark Reply

      Nah. At the current official US exchange rate of 0.74 (try getting that at bank or currency exhange though) it is $540 AUD. Then factor in US sales tax and the prices become a lot closer. The US market is much bigger than ours and other factors are also at play…foreign trade agreements, logistics costs, etc. A better comparison would be UK and Euro pricing (where our Lego S@H orders come from), which coverts to $622 and $631 AUD respectively. I’d hardly call $20-30 ‘fleecing’. I agree its a stunning set though and will probably get discounted at some point if it makes it to local retail, but its likely a long way off.

  6. Bruce Reply

    That’s an astonishing set. Very very impressive. Out of my price range and patience-level to build, but it is quite amazing.

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