No Current Plans For Bricktober Sets Here In Australia

Sometimes I have to bring you bad news rather than good news.

I have heard from LEGO today that there are currently no plans for the release of the Bricktober sets in Australia.

For those of you unfamiliar with Bricktober, it is/was an annual event at Toys R Us where promotional sets were given out when you buy LEGO. This year’s lineup includes 4 great looking minifigure collections; a Harry Potter collection, a Jurassic World collection, a Ninjago collection and a Marvel collection.

Unfortunately Toys R Us no longer exists in Australia. I, like others, had hoped that these sets would make their way to another retailer or be available online. It seems however that (at this stage) that won’t be happening. Hopefully LEGO will change their mind on this and we’ll see them available here in some capacity.

12 thoughts on “No Current Plans For Bricktober Sets Here In Australia

  1. Ricky Reply

    Thank you for the update, Michael. I hope Lego would change their mind in future. This year lineup looks pretty amazing

  2. Aidan Reply

    That’s depressing, was really hoping to get these. Hopefully they end up being an LEGOShop@Home online promo.

  3. Max Reply

    I REALLY hope these things make it to Australia. I don’t want to have the pay the ridiculous prices that people will sell these things for just to get my hands on them

  4. Adam Romano Reply

    Thanks but no surprise since we still don’t even get polybags made available here. Lego have been happy to gouge prices here but customer focus has never been a priority.

  5. Michael Reply

    Thanks for chasing this up, but disappointing nonetheless. LEGO Australia haven’t really been kicking many goals recently.

  6. Tacenda Reply

    So they will be at ToysRUs Canada? Is that the only place the stores are still open now? This is so devastating given my Guinness level HP fandom. ????????

  7. Mark Reply

    Pity. Those HP minifigs look incredible and are going to sell for even more incredible prices on the secondary market.

  8. Harry Reply

    I contacted Lego too and if theres any chance they do come here it will probably be a promotion or for sale on sad:-(

  9. Eric Reply

    If you check the pics carefully, you would notice that the ‘ tru exclusive’ has been removed for the boxes. Hopefully Lego may have other plans for these so called ‘ limited version’ for now, rather than a bricktober event.

  10. Aaron Reply

    I am only 12 meaning earning money is kinda hard. Last year I wanted to get the ninjago bricktober pack but only had 35 dollars. This year I have enough to by a $75 set to get one of the new packs so I hope Lego changes there mind so I still get the chance.

  11. Dylan Reply

    Lego barely does anything on Australia because we missed out on the first gurdians of the galaxy sets and the the first Jurassic world sets plus I really wanted the marvel one. I’m so mad with Lego

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