LEGO Announces Simpsons BrickHeadz

LEGO has just announced two new BrickHeadz from a new sub-theme – The Simpsons.

The first Simpsons characters imortalised in the BrickHeadz format are Homer Simpson and Krusty The Clown.


It’s unclear if these are two separate products or a double pack. Seeing as how LEGO announced these with a single image I am going to assume they come together.

What do you think? I know that BrickHeadz are incredibly polarising.

3 thoughts on “LEGO Announces Simpsons BrickHeadz

  1. Shayne Reply

    I believe they come together. also read a fantsatic beasts 2 pack is coming out as well Newt and Grindelwald. The simpsons ones look awesome

    • Michael Post authorReply

      There doesn’t seem to be any sign of them slowing down with the releases so nothing would surprise me. I hope we get the rest of the Simpsons too.

  2. Phil Reply

    I’m pleasantly surprised at all the new printed parts that come with these and also the Unikitty Collectable “minifigs”, even though most are very specific to particular IP’s and not easily used as another part. Eg. Brickheadz character collar pieces

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