New Details On 4 Former Toys R Us Exclusives

When Toys R Us closed down the question that I got asked most of all was what is happening with the Toys R Us exclusives. I can assure you that I have been doing my best to keep on top of this including regularly bugging LEGO for information.

Thankfully we now know where four of those former exclusives are going. Here’s the list…

Set #
Exclusive To
75205Mos Eisley CantinaStar Wars$69.99Myer
75933T-Rex TransportJurassic World$99.99Myer
60196Arctic Supply PlaneCity$99.99Costco, Toyworld
41345Heartlake City Pet CenterFriends$79.99Costco, Toyworld

The two Myer exclusives are currently listed on the website

I can’t find an online listing for the other two exclusives.

What you may need to know is that according to the information provided by LEGO these exclusives are single drop. Once they are gone then you are likely going to have to resort to LEGO online to get them. Obviously plans can change though.

I know that isn’t all of the exclusives that Toys R Us had. I have been told that negotiations are on-going for anything not mentioned above.

14 Responses to New Details On 4 Former Toys R Us Exclusives

  1. Alex Simpson says:

    Any idea about Voltron?

    • Michael says:

      Still LLDC and Dreamworld. Hopefully I’ll get some info on any September exclusives soon which might provide more information.

  2. Mike says:

    $69.99 for the Cantina! That is some serious over-pricing.

  3. Stephen says:

    Any info about the imperial lander ?

  4. GJBricks says:

    Any idea on Hogwarts Express? On discount in places like the UK already and we can’t even buy it normally

  5. Daniel says:

    Any information about Capital City 60200?

  6. Narelle kidd says:

    Does anyone know where I can get the Arctic supply plane from?

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