On Sale: 30% Off At Kidstuff

Kidstuff isn’t a retailer that gets a lot of coverage here, but it’s hard to argue with 30% off.


This is a one day only sale that runs in-store and online today.

You can view their online range here.

Thanks to Alex and Alyssa for the information.

5 thoughts on “On Sale: 30% Off At Kidstuff

  1. Ed Reply

    Keep in mind many prices are above RRP so not exactly 30% off when compared to other sales. Seems more like 25% off looking at a few prices myself.

    Also shipping comes into play reducing the discount further. Still a few good deals there though.

  2. Louise Reply

    Advent calendars – done! Pretty happy with that, plus little mate got bonus pic with Batman in store. Winning!

  3. Tim Reply

    Been waiting for this type of special since the MF came out. Unfortunately I was camping and had no net access so missed it. Hopefully this will happen again at another retailer.
    Thanks for letting us know.

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