The Australian Warehouse Is Now Fully Operational

LEGO shared news last week that the Australian warehouse was now fully operational. I hadn’t posted that yet because there was one question I was waiting on clarification on and I’ve just got an answer today. Here’s the lowdown on the Australian warehouse.

Shipping Prices

This is unchanged from what has previously been reported. Orders over $149 will get free standard delivery. Orders under that threshold will be $12.50 for standard delivery.

Express shipping costs $30 for all orders.

Payment & International Transaction Fees

This is what I’d been trying to get an answer on and I’m pleased to tell you that all transactions are now processed locally. This means that you will no longer get a nasty surprise on your credit card for international transaction fees.

Unfortunately at this stage there are no plans to offer PayPal as a payment method.

Delivery Times

Here are LEGO’s official delivery estimates.

StateStandard Delivery Times
NSW1-3 business days
ACT1-2 business days
VIC1-3 business days
QLD1-4 business days
SA2-3 business days
NT2-7 business days
WA3-8 business days
TAS4-5 business days

Those times seem to be fairly accurate from what I have heard.


Australia should generally be getting the same promotions as Europe, but this may vary slightly. Here’s LEGO’s official wording: “We will continue offering gifts and special offers. Sometimes they will coincide with the ones offered in Europe, and other times they could be unique.”

Pick-a-Brick Orders

All PaB orders will still be coming internationally and have longer delivery timeframes.

Overall I think these changes will make shopping from the online store a more realistic proposition for more products.

You can find more information on the shipping and handling page of the Australian store.

12 thoughts on “The Australian Warehouse Is Now Fully Operational

  1. Casey Tham Reply

    I order some Lego on Sunday night at 10pm and it arrived 2 days later yesterday on Tuesday!
    Everything is now SUPER AWESOME with Lego!

  2. Swannie Reply

    I placed two orders this week. One yesterday at 11am and it arrived on my doorstep today at 8am – less than 24 hours! The other order was placed in the afternoon and came a day and a half later. I’m in Canberra. Loving it!

  3. Kcy Reply

    Nice update!! No international transaction fee, fast shipping time and lower/no shipping fee are
    all very good news.

  4. Amy Reply

    Thank you, Michael for the useful updates.
    Lego still has no news about offering delivery to Australia Post parcel locker (not the small PO boxes). Parcel lockers are so convenient, free and safe for customers who could not use their house address. They used to have this service and unfortunately no more. Now that Australia has its own warehouse, does this mean parcel lockers are acceptable method of delivery?

    • Michael Post authorReply

      I think the issue will be that they aren’t using Australia Post

    • Tim Reply

      They don’t do that internationally either. The issue is with parcel lockers in general. They are too easily used by scammers, stolen credit card users etc. It may be convinient but it is at a risk to most businesses,

  5. Andrew Reply

    Thanks for the update Michael, have been holding off ordering in case the “no international transaction fee” became reality. This is all great news, especially the bit about 2-day delivery.

  6. Paul Reply

    Thank you Michael for this information, I agree with Kcy comments
    “Nice update!! No international transaction fee, fast shipping time and lower/no shipping fee are all very good news.”

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