What’s Up With Big W’s Batmobile Pricing?

The latest Big W catalogue features the App-Controlled Batmobile on sale for $119. It’s not an amazing discount but it’s not terrible either. What is a little confusing though is that Big W are advertising this as a $30 discount, which would put the regular price at $149. The RRP of that set is only $139.99.


A recommended retail price is just that – a recommendation. There is nothing that forces Big W to sell the set at that price. But (with the exception of sale events) Big W has always sold the set for $139.

This catalogue shot from August shows the $139 regular price

I considered that maybe the advertised $30 discount was a typo, but according to a Google cache of the product page from November 11th 2018 the price was $149.


It certainly seems that Big W increased the price of the set so they could advertise a bigger discount.

7 thoughts on “What’s Up With Big W’s Batmobile Pricing?

  1. Kaitlyn Reply

    Wow, that’s illegal. To advertise a “save $X” price it has to be based off the actual sell price for the last few weeks.

  2. Ray Reply

    Might be better to wait for the LEGO Black Friday sales! Email today advising of 30% off for this set ????for VIPs. Note that set will only be discounted on 22/11.

  3. Mark Reply

    That is the roughest looking “Batmobile” I’ve ever seen. I suspect this hasn’t been a hot seller either…it’s going to be 30% off the real rrp at Lego S@H next Thursday.

  4. Paul Reply

    I was considering on getting it for my son who really lobes Batman but the bad reviews on Lego plus Big W nonsensical discounting turned me off.

    • Dk Reply

      Gave up on this set due to the high price. Ordered the figure off bricklink and added some star wars figures to share the cost of shipping. Figure is the only interesting thing in the set.

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