LEGO Is Having A VIP Weekend

If you are a LEGO VIP member then you may want to head over to the Australian online store for this special event.

There are three great offers…

  • Double VIP Points
  • Free Christmas Gift Set for orders over $135
  • Free shipping on all orders

Christmas Bonus VIP

Based on how quickly the Diagon Alley promotion ended I wouldn’t muck around.

These offers are for this weekend, November 17th & 18th only.


15 thoughts on “LEGO Is Having A VIP Weekend

  1. Kcy Reply

    Thanks for the heads up. There’s a glitch with the free delivery. I tried to check out for order about $139. It showed free delivery but reverted back to a charge of $12.50 at final payment page. So I have to add more items to be above $149.

  2. B McKean Reply

    Ordering parts from bricks and pieces wasn’t counting towards the freebie promo amount for me, have they changed this recently?

    • CS Reply

      The T&Cs for the promo say that bricks and pieces doesn’t count for the promo. This seems like a new exclusion and explains why it isn’t working for you.

  3. Tim Reply

    I keep getting an error when trying to choose my shipping I click next and it says an unexpected error has occurred. Anyone else having this issue. I have tried multiple computers and browsers.

    Lego customer service is closed on the weekend and it is a weekend sale only 🙁

  4. Tim Reply

    Ended up making a new account on a different email address and it worked fine. I guess I will try customer service next week to fix my account and move the VIP points over.
    Picked up the Winter Village Fire Station and the free gift.

  5. Arthur Reply

    Anyone knows if Hogwarts Castle is an official Lego-only exclusive, or if it might become available at Myer or DJ etc. one day?

  6. JJ Reply

    Where the fn GWP… No way can it be out of stock already!!

    Lego is really pi$$NG me off as I previous cloeected all the gwp’s…. Until Australia warehouse opening…..then I miss out same say promo supposed to start!!


    • JJ Reply

      OK slight quick over reaction… The GWP wasn’t appearing in the dynamic cart… But as soon as you goto checkout… It appears!!

      Yay… I got 1 this month

  7. Christian Reply

    I think it’s sold out now. I’m not seeing it in my basket unfortunately

  8. Monty Reply

    Interesting retiring sets – including the Old Fishing Store – I didn’t expect that. However, I cannot seem to get the ‘retiring soon’ filter to work properly – any ideas?

  9. Mike Reply

    Well, that prompted me to buy a Snowspeeder. Never thought I wanted it! Funny how a promo deal can have you making unexpected purchases.

  10. Andrew Reply

    My first experience with an order from the Australian warehouse. Ordered on Sunday, three days later it’s still showing as “in warehouse”. I could be wrong but I seem to remember orders from the OS warehouse shipping much quicker than that. At this rate it’ll be over a week before delivery, which is still slow by current standards. I’ve just received (Weds) another package I ordered from a local clothing shop also on Sunday.

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