Bricking Around Christmas Mega Draw


This Christmas I’m giving you the chance to win the Bricking Around Christmas Mega Draw. For just $2 you could win a mega pack with over $200 worth of LEGO including a few little exclusives that I’ve managed to collect. Check out the full prize below.


To give back this holiday season $0.50 from each ticket will be donated to Starlight Children’s Foundation. Starlight tries to bring fun and happiness to the lives of children in hospital. LEGO to me is all about fun and happiness so I think it’s a great match.

Tickets are $2 each and can be purchased via PayPal. Just make a payment for the total amount of tickets you’d like to purchase – for example $20 if you’d like 10 tickets.

Buy your entries here

The draw will take place on Thursday December 13th and all ticket purchases must be finalised by 10 AM AEST. A winner will be chosen by computerised random selection.

Full Prize Contents:

Set #
10401Rainbow Fun$7.99
10402Fun Future$15.99
10403World Fun$29.99
10404Ocean's Bottom$39.99
10405Mission to Mars$69.99
4029060 Years of the LEGO Brick
71022Percival Graves CMF$5.99
30614Lex Luthor
30615Edna Mode
31067Modular Poolside Holiday$29.99
40262Christmas Train Ride$14.99

Terms and Conditions

Bricking Around Christmas Mega Draw 2018


  1. Information on how to enter and prizes forms part of these Conditions of Entry.
  2. Entry is open to all Australian residents who visit during the promotional period. Entrants under the age of 18 must have a Parent or Guardian over the age 18 purchase their tickets.
  3. The Promoter reserves the right to verify the validity of entries and to disqualify any entrant who tampers with the entry process or who submits an entry that is not in accordance with these Conditions of Entry.
  4. Entrants may purchase as many tickets as they like.
  5. No responsibility accepted for late, lost or misdirected entries.
  6. The promotion commences at 10:00 PM AEST on 29/11/2018 and closes at 10:00 AM AEST on 13/12/2018 (“the Promotional Period”). The promoter may in its absolute discretion end the promotion prior to the conclusion date.
  7. All tickets must be purchased via the PayPal link provided.
  8. One winner will be chosen using computerised random selection.
  9. The winner will receive the full prize pool as outlined in the competition post.
  10. The winners of the prize will be contacted via the email address used to purchase tickets. If the winner cannot be contacted within 21 days of the close of the competition, then the winner will have forfeited the prize. If a prize cannot be delivered to the specified delivery address via standard post, then the winner of the prize is responsible for any additional delivery charges.
  11. If the prize in not claimed within the 21 day period a redraw will occur.
  12. The prizes are not transferable or exchangeable and cannot be taken as cash. No responsibility is accepted for any variation in the value of a prize.
  13. The promoter of this competition is Bricking Around, and is conducted without the involvement of the LEGO Group of Companies.



27 Responses to Bricking Around Christmas Mega Draw

  1. Casey says:

    Thanks for helping out Starlight!

  2. Mark Wilkinson says:

    Looks good, fingers crossed! Thanks!

  3. Xenoliths says:

    Hope the draw is transparently done, unlike some of those other waffles… #paranoia

  4. Rex says:

    Hey this is lovely, and genuine, I have really enjoyed discovering your website this year and found it so helpful and friendly. You do an amazing job here :) I wish everyone good luck and a happy and merry festive season + new year. Thanks again Bricking around.

  5. Gary says:

    Great work as usual! :)

  6. Hugh says:

    I would have entered if it hadn’t been for Starlight. They’re a waste of money, not a serious charity. Literally all they do is entertain children and cheer them up (in deliberately extravagant ways). Meanwhile, there are proper charities that need money to save lives and improve societies.

    • Michael says:

      I spent a bit of time looking in to what charity to support and there are so many different organisations that all do incredible work. It’s tough to just pick one.

      In the end I went with Starlight because they entertain kids. Things like medical research are important but medical research isn’t going to cure everything. Even things that we can already cure can require lengthy hospital stays. There will always be kids who end up in hospital and hospitals suck. They suck as an adult but when you are a kid being in hospital can be terrifying.

      Fun and entertainment are not trivial things for a kid. That’s why LEGO is the huge global brand that it is.

      The nature of Starlight’s work aligns with what LEGO means to me – a fun escape from the sometimes harsh reality of the world around us.

      I’m sorry that this choice doesn’t work with your personal views.

      • Andrew says:

        Grandson spent more than a month in hospital last year. His daily visits from Starlight and Lego building sessions with Grandpa kept him (and the family) sane. Can only heartily concur with your sentiments, Michael.

        PS is there any way to enter your draw without a paypal account? I try and limit my digital footprint if possible ;)

      • Milano says:

        Couldn’t agree more, it’s a great charity and very appropriate for a LEGO draw.

        • Ed says:

          A recent study came out finding kids who have had the starlight treatment are way more likely to avoid re-admission to hospital (yes I realise it is correlative).

          This is to the extent that the average starlight expense per child (around 10,000) actually costs less than the treatment itself. I also have to say just because it has a greater cost benifit outcome it doesnt mean that starlight aren’t doing a whole bunch more other dodgy stuff.

          I have worked for “charaties” in the past and I see your skepticism as wise, however, the evidence is suggesting they are definately doing some good for the kids (at least anecdotally).

  7. Tim says:

    Happy to buy tickets but why is only 50c per sale going to Starlight. Shouldn’t all proceeds go to Starlight on a raffle?

    • Zen says:

      Good on ya Tim.

      I’d wager that you think that a consultant’s hourly rate is pure profit….

      1. The Lego prize has to be purchased,
      2. Shipping and packing costs to send the prize to the lucky winner
      3. The costs involved in hosting and updating the website that advertises this competition,
      4. Online transaction fees,
      5. Michael’s time (this awesome website does not appear out of thin air…)

      There’s probably other costs I have not even thought of as well.

      • Tim says:

        That is why I was curious. It is not actually legal to run a raffle for profit or personal gain. If it is for shipping, buying prizes etc. then there is probably not an issue. Point 5 and possibly point 3 are generally the ones which are not legal (although exemptions do apply for this).
        I am happy for Michael to raise funds to pay for the site etc. There are ways to do it legally. I am on this site because I appreciate all that Michael does – that being said I would not want him to be fined etc. for doing the wrong thing (whether by accident or design).
        If it is all above board then all good.

        • Xenoliths says:

          I don’t see the word raffle being used to describe this activity in the original post. Why don’t your use detecting skills for something more useful.

        • Ed says:

          Fair enough Tim, it is good to call out people on things like this. Even though I highly dobut Michael is doing anything illegal a bit of healthy (and fair) criticism keeps people honest. You are not wasting your time by exercising your skills in checking if things are above board. Maybe we should wait untill we have a response from Michael before we get a royal commission going on here though.

    • Michael says:

      I provide opportunities for people to support the site through either on-going or one of donations. These funds help with things like hosting costs, funding free giveaways, buying equipment and even getting review sets that I’m not able to get from LEGO.

      Through the on-going donations that I receive I have been able to now remove the Google Ads for everybody.

      I understand that not everybody is in a position to support a site like this and I greatly appreciate every cent that I receive. Unfortunately I don’t have the capacity to reward everybody who donates to the site. What I can do to thank the people who support the site is place them in a draw to win what I think is a pretty great prize.

      People who chose to donate to Bricking Around during this specified period of time will still become donors on the support page of the site. That is the ‘product’ that they receive from their contribution, the prize draw is just a bonus.

      The charity component of this event is simply my way of giving back this Christmas season. I hope that it has been clear from the outset that this event was not exclusively for the benefit of Starlight and not being run in collaboration with them. I believe the post is quite clear that 50c from each $2 will go to that organisation.

  8. Wayne says:

    Bought my tickets : ) Keep up the good work !!!

  9. Audrey says:

    Your time spent helping us save $$ where we can, is greatly appreciated. Thank you and Merry Christmas.

  10. Daniel says:

    Are you announcing a winner on the site? Did the Percival graves comp ever get drawn? I can’t find the winner announcement.

  11. Mark says:

    Congrats Paul!

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