On Sale: 20% Off At David Jones

It looks like we’ve got our third 20% off for this week.

David Jones is now offering 20% off all toys including their range of LEGO. This sale is advertised to run until December 10th and should be in-store and online.

A David Jones 20% off is great because it doesn’t exclude their range of exclusives. So something like Voltron should be on sale too (it’s not online though).

If you are after a more standard set then Big W or Target are probably the better options.

You can view the David Jones online range here.

Thanks to Niklas for the heads up.

1 thought on “On Sale: 20% Off At David Jones

  1. CS Reply

    So just a tip from my learnings in the 25% sale – apparently only NSW DJs got Voltron so it is not online. My Myer are real jerks about price matching so because I could not buy it from DJs in Brisbane they wouldn’t price match but to anyone else good luck! And if you find it at a DJs here let us all know!

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