Double VIP Points Now Offer Now Active At LEGO Online

Looking to grab some last minute exclusives from LEGO Online for Christmas? Well then you will be pleased to hear that LEGO currently has a Double VIP point offer active.

From today (December 7th) until December 10th you will receive double VIP points on all purchases when you are logged in to your VIP account.

Head over to the store for more details, or to do some shopping.

6 thoughts on “Double VIP Points Now Offer Now Active At LEGO Online

    • Mark Reply

      It would have made a lot more sense to conicide the black VIP promotion with the release of Darth Vader’s castle. I bought Vader’s castle last week and there isn’t any Star Wars sets left that I actually want. I might have to buy a key ring and pay the $12.95 shipping just to get the promo.

  1. Steve Reply

    I just placed an order for the Winter Village Fire Station, entered the code from my email and it added the VIP promo to my order. Unless they catch on, it looks like you don’t need to buy a Star Wars set to it.

    • Mark Reply

      I’m not surprised. They ‘accidentally’ made it available to purchase online for a couple of hours the other day…to anyone…for $0.01 in some countries…in max. quantity of 100. The minifig is pretty rubbish to be honest, the only exclusive part is the torso. Having said that, I’m grateful & surprised that Lego have done this; it seems like an olive branch after the (mostly) negative sentiment amongst black card holders.

  2. Andrew Reply

    Wow did you see the prices for the new powered up motors, $80 for battery hub, and $28 for train motor, seriously, I bought the new powered up passenger train for $108 from big w.
    Was looking to power hogwartz express and winter holiday trains, now I’m thinking to buy extra train sets instead.

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