Great Harry Potter Prices At Woolworths

Here’s something a bit unexpected – cheap LEGO at Woolworths!

Woolies is hardly known as a discount LEGO retailer but they currently have three Harry Potter sets at half price.

I’m not sure how long these are on sale for but I’m guessing a week.

You can find them online here or head in to your local store. Stock is probably limited.

Thanks to Kellie for letting me know about these prices

10 thoughts on “Great Harry Potter Prices At Woolworths

  1. Rowan Reply

    Thank you Brickingaround and Kellie! That’s a really surprising and nice sale to find. I picked up two forbidden forest sets.

  2. Troy Reply

    If anyone else is around Craigieburn, the Woolworths at CraogiCraig Central has a handful of 75951 and 75950 remaining.

  3. Lou Reply

    I went into Eastland Woolworths this morning and they said they were selling these a month ago and there are none left now – I think this is part of a 50% mark down of all their Harry Potter stuff. I got a light up wand half price at least! I also put in an online order just in case but expect it to be refunded.

  4. Mike Reply

    Yep, they cancelled my order! Wow, everyone was right – their system DOES suck.

  5. Rowan Reply

    I bought two aragog sets and one quidditch set. They sent me an email that they quidditch set had gone out of stock, which I wasn’t surprised about, and they refunded me. The aragog sets arrived today.

  6. kuku Reply

    all orders are cancelled, searched whole store and found one avaliable….got cancelled next morning…woolworth online order is a joke

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