On Sale: 15% Off Selected Themes At Myer [Stacks with eBay code]

Myer is finally reducing the prices of some of the sets they keep excluding in their other sales.

From today (December 13th) until Sunday (December 16th) Myer are offering 15% off Ideas, Creator Expert, Star Wars and Technic sets.

It’s not the biggest discount but it’s better than nothing for those sets.

You can find the included sets on the Myer website here.

The best part is that these prices are live on the eBay store too, so you can get an extra 20% off the discounted prices with the eBay code PMYERGIFT at checkout. That works out to be some very cheap LEGO prices, like a Bugatti for just $407.99.

View the Myer eBay range here.

Thanks to everybody who contacted me about this today.

2 thoughts on “On Sale: 15% Off Selected Themes At Myer [Stacks with eBay code]

  1. Johnno Reply

    I noticed the same thing when I went to get the old fishing store. It is no longer on sale at all in store or online.

    That being said, when I asked the guy in store about it, he told me old fishing store was on sale for 30% off in store yesterday as a one day sale. Then proceeded to give me it at the price of 175 today.

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