Your Local Cinema May Be Doing Early Screenings of The LEGO Movie 2

Earlier this week I discovered that my local cinema has a special preview screening of The LEGO Movie 2 scheduled for February 10th. A date that is much better than the official Australian release date of March 21st.

I’ve had a look around at it seems that there are lots of places that are doing screening around the 9th and 10th of February. Roadshow have confirmed that there should be plenty of screenings around the country.

I’m not able to check with every cinema in the country but I strongly suggest looking on the website of your local cinema or giving them a call. My local is an Event Cinemas but I have also heard from Cineplex (in Brisbane) that they will be doing preview screenings. IMAX in Melbourne are also advertising screenings for that weekend.

We’ve all been angry about the delay here in Australia but I think allowing these preview screenings is a great compromise. It keeps the official release for the school holidays but allows die-hard fans a chance to see the film around the same time as the US.

If you find a screening near you feel free to share for people who may live in the same area as you.

6 thoughts on “Your Local Cinema May Be Doing Early Screenings of The LEGO Movie 2

  1. Matt Reply

    That’s an interesting compromise. I hope more options appears in Vic though, currently it only seems to be the IMAX, which as it is in 3D I can’t take my young daughter to. Seems a bit unfair if not, as there are dozens (maybe even hundreds) of 2d session options that weekend in other states.

  2. John Boxall Reply

    Probably a case of Roadshow (not) admitting defeat and realising early ticket sales are better than people tempted to use other methods.

  3. Andrew Reply

    In Perth, Event Cinemas for Morley and Innaloo are having it for the 10th Feb. Just picked up 2 tickets.

  4. Magmafrost13 Reply

    As much as I hate Village Cinema in general, credit where credit’s due I think this is a pretty good solution, at least in theory. As long as they pull it off well and everyone who wants to see the movie early is able to.

    That said Im much more interested in the sets than the movie, and those are still delayed thanks to Village Roadshow’s BS.

  5. Jonathan Wilson Reply

    If Cineplex are doing it that’s great since I refuse to pay the rip-off prices at Event Cinemas 🙂
    Will keep an eye out on the Cineplex web page over the next few weeks 🙂

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