Review: The LEGO Movie 2 Minifigure Series

The LEGO Movie was a cornucopia of crazy characters and the sequel looks just as weird and wonderful. To help make more of those background characters available LEGO are releasing a new series of 20 minifigures from the film.

In this review I’ll be looking at each minifigure, providing a feel guide and also looking at the box distribution. If there’s something in that list that particularly interests you feel free to jump to that.

General Information

Normally a box of minifigures will contain 60 individual packets. With 20 in this series people were hopeful that meant each box would contain 3 full sets of minifigures, and I’m super pleased to be able to confirm that is the case. That’s right this series doesn’t have any stupid chase figures that there’s only one of per box.


Something else to note with this series is that the packets are slightly different than you are probably used to. These packets are larger and slightly thinner than the previous series. If you purchased any of the Unikitty blind bags than you’ll know what these are like. You’ll also find that quite a few of the minifigures come with an additional bag inside the outer bag. I’m not sure why some have this and others don’t. Luckily I didn’t find that the inclusion of an inner bag affected the ability to feel the contents at all.

The flyer that comes inside the packet is also taped for most of these minifigures. It’s another odd change that I can’t really think of why they’d bother.

My earlier Facebook post about these minifigures contains some more general information.

This series is officially released February 1st, so should be in-store early February.

The Minifigures

Remix Emmet


It seems that Emmet is handling the apocalypse better than most of the other characters. This version features a headphone and hair piece, coffee cup and printed phone (playing an Everything is Awesome remix). Emmet has dual face prints but both are pretty cheerful. I like the eyes closed grin.


Battle-Ready Lucy


Nice printed details on the torso and pants. The hood accessory is nice but does cover a lot of her face. Lucy also has dual face prints; smiling and scowling. The difference is very minimal with the hood on though.



Apocalypse Benny


It seems that somehow Benny lost an arm, but from his smiling face it doesn’t seem to be holding him back too much. I love the detail of the faded print and ‘cracked’ helmet. The classic space logo toolbox is an awesome accessory. Benny’s dual face prints are huge grin and scowling. There seems to be a bit of scowling going on here.



Giraffe Guy


Giraffe guy is awesome. The printing on the legs, torso and arms are nice but what really makes this minifigures awesome is that giraffe head piece. Giraffe guy also comes with some foliage. Dual face prints again here, but both seem pretty happy.



Crayon Girl


If you’d told me last year that LEGO would make a crayon minifigure I’d have called you crazy, but here we are and the result is awesome. The crayon is a large single element that fits over the body. Underneath is a plain light purple torso and dual moulded legs. Dual face prints here as well; smile and eyes closed smile. She also comes with a self portrait drawn in purple crayon.



Sherry Scratchen-Post & Scarfield


It’s great to see a character from the first movie return. Sherry Scratchen-Post returns with a post-apocalyptic look and a new cat companion. Just the single face print here. Also included is Scarfield (which is an awesome cat name). Scarfield has great printing and a fantastic mohawk.


Hula Lula


One of several musical minifigures. I like the inclusion of the ‘grass’ skirt and the torso printing has a nice Hawaiian vibe to it. Accessories include a microphone and record. Dual face prints again; slight smile and larger smile.




Watermelon Dude


The costumed minifigures are always great and this guy is no exception. The large watermelon wedge piece is nicely detailed. Underneath is a green torso (with dual mould arms), and white/pink dual moulded legs. Watermelon dude also has dual face prints; with or without sunglasses.



Flashback Lucy


I don’t know what role flashbacks will have in the movie but I’m really liking flashback Lucy. The bubble print on the legs and torso are great, as is the hair piece. The 2×3 Everything is Awesome gold record display is a nice accessory. Lucy has dual face prints; singing and smiling.



The Swamp Creature


The Swamp Creature feels like a bit of an odd inclusion here. This is a slightly different version of the Monster Fighters character. Lots of nice printing.


Candy Rapper


Another musical minifigure. If you love the colour pink then this one is for you with the hair, body, hands, legs and skirt all featuring pink. I really love the printed cassette accessory even if young kids won’t understand what it is. Another minifigures with dual face print; you’ve got a winking face and a regular smiling face.


Gone Golfin’ President Business


This kind of feels like political commentary, but I’d have to watch the movie to see if it’s the case or not. Either way this minifigures is great. The printing on the torso and legs are a classic golfer look. The new golf club accessory is awesome and I can see it being popular with LEGO fans who play. Another minifigures with dual face prints; you’ve got a smile and what I read as slightly concerned look.


Apocalypseburg Abe


Abe seems to be a total badass in this movie. Here is featured with an axe and apocalypse suitable attire. The hat, beard and goggles are all a single element. Abe has two face prints as well; angry and surprised.


Vest Friend Rex


Rex Dangervest could be one of the more interesting characters in The LEGO Movie 2. He seems to have a lot going on. This minifigures features an awesome hair and cowboy hat element and some nice printing on his torso and legs. It’s hard to look past the baby Raptor as one of the coolest accessories in the series. Rex also has dual face prints; there’s a cocky open mouth look and tough guy smirk.



Kitty Pop


This minifigures is pretty much a Josie and the pussycats character in everything but name. That’s not a bad thing. The hair piece with cat ears is great and so is the torso and leg printing. I really like the printing on the guitar element too. The dual printed face has a closed eyes expression and one with open eyes.



Dorothy Gale & Toto


I don’t know how the Wizard of Oz characters fit in to the overall story of The LEGO Movie 2 but the Dorothy minifigures is wonderfully detailed. The braided hair piece is a soft rubbery texture and the printing matches the skirt element nicely. I like the detail of the printed ruby slippers. Toto is a great piece too. Nice subtle printing but it adds enough detail. Dorothy also has a dual printed face; there is a simple smiling face and a concerned look.



Cowardly Lion


The cowardly lion minifigures doesn’t have a lot of printing on the legs and torso but the new mane element more than makes up for it. I also really like the printed medal element. Beneath the mane is yet another dual sided face; there’s both happy and frowning looks.





Great printing on the torso that nicely carries through to the legs. No dual printed face here as his hat doesn’t cover the back of his head. His accessory includes a nice printed certificate 2×2 tile.


Tin Man


I really love the tin man minifigures. He’s shiny and comes with some great accessories. His funnel hat is a new piece but is probably limited in it’s functionality outside of this figure. The real highlight (apart from the shininess) is the heart shaped tile with printed clock face. It’s a really interesting piece.



Unikitty is always great, but this version has one major flaw, and that is that they didn’t use the design that was implemented in the Unikitty blind bag series. Those versions use an inverted tile with hole to secure the head. This version just uses the basic plate method. It makes for a very unsecure connection point. Any slight tap and Unikitty’s head falls off.


Feel Guide



Box Distribution

My box was almost 1 full set per row. There was a double up in the middle and right rows. I don’t know if my box just happened to be an anomaly or this is something you need to be aware of.


Overall Verdict


I really like pretty much all of these minifigures. There are some that are less interesting to me than others but even those still have some great accessories or printed parts. It’s a series that I’d certainly want to get a full set. It’s also great that LEGO have seemingly responded to everybody saying they hate chase minifigures.

I received a box of minifigures from the LEGO community engagement team for the purposes of review. Opinions expressed above are my own and not influenced or dictated by LEGO.

3 thoughts on “Review: The LEGO Movie 2 Minifigure Series

  1. Mary Reply

    Thankyou for your great review. When and where will we be able to purchase series 20 from?

    • Michael Post authorReply

      These are released in February and should be widely available.

  2. Agent 86 Reply

    Thanks for the box guide! I’m not great at “feeling” for minifigures, so that should help me to find the Wizard of Oz characters – if I’m lucky enough to come across a newly opened box.

    I hope that they manage to release a Glinda the Good Witch one day to “complete” the core Oz characters (along with the Lego Dimensions Wicked Witch).

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