Review: 76113 Spider-Man Bike Rescue

Last year a new Spider-Man movie hit cinemas and everything that I’ve read says that it’s amazing (it’s won a Golden Globe and is up for an Oscar). Unfortunately for LEGO they don’t have a range of tie-in products related to the movie like they do for other IPs. What LEGO does have is a series of unrelated Spider-Man sets that are officially available in stores from today.

If you’ve seen the trailers you’ll know that Into The Spider-Verse features the Miles Morales version of Spider-Man as the main character, as well as various other versions of the character. I picked this set because, while it’s not a direct tie-in, it seems like a good match for the film as you get a Miles Morales and a Peter Parker Spider-Man.

Read on to see if this set is as much of a hit as the film.

Build Experience


I had assumed that the build section for this would probably end up getting a neutral grade. This is a small set that seems more focused on the minifigures than the build. I was however quite surprised.

The motorbike part of this set is larger and a more detailed build than I expected. It’s not advanced or complex but there’s more to it than what you may think from the set pictures alone. The build starts with a bulky front section before the wheels and side details are added. Finally some rear details are added.


It’s not often that a minifigure falls in to the build part of a review but this Carnage minifig has a lot going on. His various tendrils are attached to a back bracket and his hands. It’s certainly more complex than putting together a standard minifigure.

Rounding out the build is a small power generator area with some nicely detailed equipment. This build was actually less complex than the bike, despite it having integrated play features and more stickers. Again there isn’t a lot of advanced techniques here, but I do like the use of the A-frame plates to add some interesting angles to the build.


Overall this build is far from complex but I still enjoyed it.



Play Features

I hate that toy companies insist on giving Spider-Man a vehicle. To me Spider-Man is all about swinging in to action among the skyscrapers of New York. But putting aside my preconceived ideas about the character, the Spider-Bike in this set is pretty cool. It features a large non-functioning web-shooter on one side that I can see passing for something that Spider-Man might build.


The other side of the bike features a standard stud shooter, only this one shoots little Spider-Bots. Stud shooters are a pretty standard play feature but I like the addition of the spider elements rather than shooting normal 1×1 round plates.


Actually placing Spider-Man in the bike leads to a bit of an awkward pose that can’t be comfortable. It actually makes the bike look oversized rather than just big.


The power station features a nice exploding function where you press down on a plate at the back and two sections of the generator will pop out. These simple mechanisms aren’t for AFOLs like myself but great for younger builders.


I really like that this set comes with a bunch of different web elements. It really creates a fun variety of things that you can do with the set.

I connected a few pieces of web and made Spider-Man swing in and kick Carnage in the face.


There are lots of options here.


On Display

This probably isn’t a set that you are going to put on display on a shelf and admire. It’s 100% a play set and there is nothing wrong with that. It does actually look pretty cool having Carnage menacingly climbing over the generator to attack the two Spider-Men but I think in that case you’ll want to leave the bike out.



The Minifigures

The set features three minifigures.

Spider-Man (Miles Morales)


I really love the black outfit of the Miles Morales Spider-Man. It looks a lot more polished than what I’ve seen of the Spider-Verse movie. This suit features a clean spider print in red combined with red webbing and white eyes. I grew up with the red and blue Spider-Man design so this is something different to me but I really like it.

Spider-Man (Peter Parker)


This is classic Spider-Man with a fantastic red and blue suit. Great use of dual moulded legs here too.



I’m a big fan of the character Carnage and this version looks great.  The printing on the torso and face are all nicely detailed and sufficiently menacing. There is a lot going on with the additional tendril/tentacle elements but I think it’s just on the right side of being over the top. I think that if some of the black elements were also in red the overall effect would look better but that’s a minor complaint.



This is a regular release set in a theme with broad availability. It shouldn’t be difficult to find this set either on sale or with a low regular price. The RRP on this set is $39.99 which I think is too much but if you can find it on sale for 20% off then it comes down to a more reasonable $31.99.

Kmart already has this set listed as coming soon for $35 so I expect Big W will price it around the same, as should Amazon.

I think the value for money position on this one may come down to how you feel about the minifigure line-up. For Spider-Man fans you are getting both Peter Parker and Miles Morales versions of the character as well as a pretty great version of Carnage.


I ended up being more excited about this set than I expected. It’s a straight-forward but enjoyable build and the end result has some fun play features. The minifigures are the real stars here though and if you can get it for around $30 I absolutely think it’s worth it.


 This set was provided to me by the LEGO Community Engagement team at my request. Opinions expressed above are my own.


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