New LEGO Certified Store Coming To Sydney

Brisbane has the Dreamworld store just a short drive down the M1. Melbourne has LEGOLAND Discovery Centre and it’s store. Now it’s Sydney’s turn to get an exciting LEGO retail outlet.

In late March Westfield Bondi Junction will be the home of Sydney’s first LEGO Certified store (just ignore the Birkenhead Point store from the 80s).


Here are the important points…

It’s a LEGO Certified Store

This is to be expected as the Dreamworld store is also a certified store. The biggest issue with this is that VIP points won’t be available. It’s possible that the store will roll out their own program but it won’t be linked to the online store’s VIP program.

The full product range should be available though, including exclusives.

There will be a PAB wall

The press release specifically mentions that there will be a Pick-a-Brick wall as part of the store. I think there would be riots if they’d decided to leave this out. I’m not sure if this will be priced by weight or by cups. I’m assuming per cup pricing.

The store will also feature build your own minifigure stations and brick engraving.

It’s going to be big

The store is an impressive 302 sqm area over two floors. Taking up part of the store is a dedicated area designed specifically for children’s parties. I am not sure if they’ll offer AFOL parties too.

I can’t wait to find out more about this store, and hopefully we will soon with the opening so close. Check out the official press release below.

The LEGO® Group and Alceon Group will open a new flagship LEGO® Certified Store in Sydney in late March. Situated at Westfield Bondi Junction, the flagship LEGO store provides a fun new landmark for local families and enthusiasts from around the world, with a focus on inspiring creativity through innovation and new experiences.
Claus Kristensen, Vice President and General Manager, Australia and New Zealand, LEGO Group says: “LEGO® stores are a lighthouse for the LEGO brand and an inspiring, interactive experience for enthusiasts of all ages. Children and parents are invited to experience a world beyond their imagination as they venture for the first time inside the new store.”
The LEGO brand mission is to inspire and develop the builders of tomorrow through creative free play and developing the imagination. The brand, which has delighted generations of children and adults, has been available in Australia for over 60 years.

The opening of this major LEGO Certified Store reaffirms Australia’s positioning in the ranks of the top LEGO countries around the world.

Supporting innovation is a central theme of the store and this is encouraged with many unique hands-on interactive brick experiences. These include Make-Your-Own Minifigure™ stations and a ‘Pick a Brick’ signature wall featuring countless combinations of bricks to choose from. Onsite the store will also offer a custom LEGO brick engraving service for personalisation.
This new flagship store covers an impressive 302 sqm total area over two floors. In addition to a variety of large LEGO models showcasing the creative potential of the LEGO brick, the store features exciting new LEGO experiences such as a dedicated area designed specifically for children’s parties.
Richard Facioni, Executive Director, Alceon Group, commented: “We are delighted to bring one of the world’s favourite brands to Sydney within a truly unique and immersive LEGO retail experience.
“The custom-built design and all activities within the flagship store are related to the LEGO philosophy of promoting imagination and creativity. We are sure both Australian and worldwide fans will enjoy the many unique features, including those which draw inspiration from iconic Sydney landmarks.”
Highlights within the LEGO Certified Store at Westfield Bondi Junction include:

  • Larger–than-life bespoke 3D models of local Sydney icons
  • LEGO Play tables providing children the opportunity to get creative and build whatever they imagine
  • One of the largest ranges of LEGO products in Australia, including exclusive products

Thanks to Alyssa for getting the photo of the current signage at the store.

3 thoughts on “New LEGO Certified Store Coming To Sydney

  1. Andrew Reply

    Great news, perhaps disappointing it’s a “certified” store rather than (presumably) a company-owned one. Without VIP points, S@H still remains more attractive for larger purchases (above the shipping threshold), especially for those of us not in the metropolitan area. Hope it’s the first of many :).

  2. Justin Reply

    Really hope they make their way over the WA, we never seem to get anything here.

  3. alex ferguson Reply

    Yea Andrew i’m sad too that the Gold Coast and Sydney are the only certified stores and the Melbourne Store is only just a retail store and none of them have VIP points. I hope it comes something comes to Perth too.

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